How to Establish a Branch Office in Dubai



One of the common ways of retaining a foreign ownership in the United Arab Emirates is by laying the foundation for a Branch or a Representative Office. Without holding a legal entity, these are considered as an extension of a foreign company, thereby giving powers for their activities.

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With the motive of earning profits, a branch is allowed to engage in commercial activity in the UAE.
The purpose of the license is majorly to engage in activities carried on by the foreign company in its home jurisdiction.

Representative Office:
As a non-profitable source, the RO functions and activities are limited to marketing or promoting the products and services of its foreign parent company in the UAE.

Requirements of Branches and ROs:

  • With the business authority of a commercial registration and license in the name of the foreign company, and license required to appoint a National Service Agent (NSA).
  • The NSA must be a UAE national individual or a 100% UAE national-owned corporate entity.

Business Set Up Consultant:
With the change of business scale from local to global, the profits and running of business will prosper with the help of various agencies or business consultants.

The business setup consultant helps from initializing the business to making a correct choice in business activities from the available options.

Fujairah Business Setup:

Fujairah is a densely populated state of the UAE. The seaports and airports of the state make Fujairah, a happening place for business. It stands as one of the major attractions for business centers.

Types of Business Set Up in Fujairah:

  • Mainland Fujairah business setup
  • Fujairah free zone business setup

Requirements for Business Setup in Fujairah Mainland:

  • It requires a minimum of 2 partners and a maximum of 50 partners.
  • A local partner is one important factor for the business set up.
  • A share of 51% will be the minimum holding of the local partner. Whereas, the share of an expat partner can hold maximum of 49% of share in Fujairah business setup.
  • Business setups like banking, investment and insurance cannot be carried In Fujairah local market (Mainland).

Some of the types of business set up in Fujairah Mainland are

  • General Partnership Company,
  • Limited Partnership,
  • Public Shareholding Company (PJSC),
  • Private Shareholding Company

Business Setup in Fujairah Free Zones:

  • Fujairah Free Zones
  • Fujairah Creativity City

With an easy access to the nearby ports, the Fujairah Free Zone has major access acts as an ideal place for the business set up. A Free Zone Company (FZC) has a minimum partner of 2 and a maximum of 5, whereas a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) has only 1 owner. Complete ownership can be obtained by the Expat Shareholders.

Created to attract its clients and investors, Fujairah Creativity City is said to provide a great business environment in a tie-up with business fields such as technology, entertainment, photography etc.

Lastly, the local authorities only accept documents and application forms completed in English and Arabic. Therefore, all documents must be translated into Arabic by an official translator.

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