How to Get More Views on Instagram Stories in 6 Simple Steps

Instagram stories are not only a powerful marketing tool but also good for personal branding on the landscape of social media. They overtake the reign of Snap Chat stories due to its popularity and videos and imagery from everyday life.   But the number of Instagram stories views decide how much your story will gain engagement and reach.

It means the main focus should be gotten more Instagram story views that are not a cup of tea. But here we are going to tell you some super easy yet powerful tactics to get more Instagram story views. Let’s get into it!

Table of content:

  • Get Creative
  • Post Content Consistently
  • Mention Other Accounts
  • Share your Story

Get Creative:

Creativity is always a winner either you are posting a regular post or share an Instagram story. People love to see creative things that in turns give you more views. The more story views you have, the more engagement ratio you will get. Moreover, unique and creative content gives you more loyal followers.

Post Content Consistently:

The number of posts makes a difference when it comes to increasing more Instagram story views. You must post one post daily on regular basis to get engage your audience. But it is not enough to get tons of story views.

You need to post content at different times of the day to get more eyeballs and reach a new audience. But it doesn’t mean that you post anything on your IG story. Try to share quality and well thought out content with your audience.

Mention Other Accounts:

Mentions is a great way to admire your loyal fans but also give you more views when you mention other accounts in your Instagram stories. You can mention famous brands, influencers and your industry pals with your loyal real Instagram followers.

It is a kind of shoutout for those influencers and brands for their hard work and shows respect and admiration that in turn help you to collaborate with them. Most of the brands share your content when you mention them in your stories or post that help you to gain more views.

Share your Story:

If you want to gain a number of views in no time then share your story with your followers and friends. This way, people who overlook your post can view your story. But keep in mind that your IG story should be creative, unique and interesting that compel others to see it till the end. But how you can share your story with others? You can share it before and after posting the content, just tap into the option Send to and write the IG handle of the person whom you want to send your story. You can find this option at the bottom of your screen. Similarly, after posting your story content, you can tap on the 3 dots and select ‘send to’ option and send it. All these tips and tricks will help to gain more Instagram story views.

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