How to Get the Best Deals and Offers on Your Credit card?

Ever since their emergence in the 1950s, credit cards have simplified the availability of liquidity for Indians. The increasingly available unique and new credit card offers only increase the popularity of these financial tools.

In India, multiple card-issuing companies offer various discounts and benefits, which can make the proposition difficult to choose. So, individuals need to evaluate the available options and make an informed decision regarding the best deals and offers during credit card selection.

In recent years, non-banking finance companies that have become a part of the mainstream financial market also provide new credit card offers to improve customer experience. Now, take a look at considerations you can make to arrive at the best offers in this segment.

Tips to avail the best deals on your credit card

Credit card providers strive to make card offers and deals attractive and beneficial to their customers. Consider the following options to make sure you are always on the receiving end of such targeted deals and offers.

  • Check if you have opted in for new credit card offers

As a cardholder, the first thing you need to make sure is whether you have opted in for the new deals and offers available on your card. Customers can often miss out on such offers or be unable to view them if they had previously declined targeted credit card deals and offers.

In case you opted out of such deals, you can always opt-in at the issuer website or contact them directly at the branch.

  • Attract targeted offers while shopping

If you are using your card to shop from the same merchant online or offline, you are more likely to increase your chances to be targeted by a new credit card offer. For example, if you are purchasing groceries regularly from an e-commerce website with your credit card, there is a high possibility you will be provided attractive offers whenever browsing through it.

On the other hand, credit card issuers tie up with partnered outlets where customers can accumulate multiplied reward points while shopping from a long list of products and services from numerous merchants. You can redeem these points to avail discounts, cash back offers, etc. and benefit from various other things to do with your reward points on credit cards.

  • Choose credit card as per spending habits

Credit cards can be categorised into various types based on the benefits they offer on specific lines of expenses. Such customised cards can be chosen as per one’s spending habits to maximise benefits from available deals and discounts. For example, if your monthly routine involves a lot of travelling, you can opt for a travel credit card, whereas if your spending habits include substantial shopping, you can choose a shopping credit card that offers substantial discounts and offers on purchasing at both online and offline stores.

  • Look out for pre-approved offers

Another option to avail the best deals on your cards is to check out the offers provided by the credit card issuers. Financial institutions provide exciting deals on credit cards for existing customers which are usually more rewarding in comparison to other offers in the market.

You can check such offers via your card issuer’s website. You can also visit the nearest branch of your credit card issuer to avail such customised new credit card offers well-suited for your finances.

One such payment card, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard is available in several variants and comprises numerous features and advantages to meet specific lifestyle requirements of customers.

The card issuer also brings forth pre-approved offers on credit cards which make availing finance quick and easy. Such offers are also applicable to numerous other financial products such as home loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. You can check your pre-approved offers by providing your name and contact details.

When proceeding with the credit card application to avail a customised card, make sure to check the eligibility criteria and documentation required by the concerned financial institution. Not-fulfilment of eligibility criteria is among the main reasons why your credit card application can be rejected.

Utilising these tips can help you make the most of available deals and also give you immediate access to new credit card offers introduced by card issuers. Maximise the benefits available on your credit card by utilising it wisely and making timely bill payments.