How To Host A Boat Party



Partying out on the Sydney Harbour is truly unforgettable and a sure-fire way to have an amazing experience. Whether you’re planning a wedding reception, birthday party, New Year’s Eve event or just your run of the mill, don’t need a reason celebration, a boat is the place to do it. Hosting a boat party doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, it can be pretty easy if you go about it the right way! Here are a few tips and tricks to make sure that your sea-bound boat party blows it out of the water…

Nail down your budget

First things first, the serious part. Your budget is going to determine basically the whole event, so it’s important to get it established nice and early on to avoid any troubles down the line. The great thing about harbour cruises is that they’re generally affordable and once you secure the venue, the bulk of your expenses are already established. Budget first and you’re off to a stress-free, easy party planning process.

Finalise your guest list early

You have to keep in mind that boats have a finite amount of space and are usually strict with how many people are allowed aboard. So, you’re going to have to be very decisive when it comes to that guest list of yours. Send out your save the date as soon as possible and make allowances for one or two discrepancies to curb any on the day disasters. There’s nothing more embarrassing than a capacity mess up when everyone is all dressed and ready to celebrate, so take your time here and try to be exact with room for a couple more if needs be.

Look for package expense options

As noted above, cruises are a great choice as they’re a package expense which can include a tonne of extra add-ons that will save you so much time and money. The key to getting your party as right as possible is doing a good amount of research into your options, not all cruise providers are going to be the same and it’s important to pick one that’s going to work for your event. During your research, you’ll come across boats that will serve lunch, provide DJs and dancing, and providers that offer party boat hire in Sydney with BYO booze. Compile a list and go with the option that best suits your needs, guest list and celebration.

Pick your time of day

Timing is everything! The time that you choose to set sail makes a huge difference to the tone and feel of your party. A daytime soiree is great for family celebrations or long weekend bashes, whereas evening events suit birthday parties, Hen’s and Buck’s nights and wedding receptions. If you want a truly stunning view of the sun going down, consider a late afternoon set off time. You’ll enjoy the sparkling sun on the water, the gorgeous sunset and the glittering city of lights after-hours – all at the one event!

Docking points matter

Your boat’s docking point, also known as your pick up and drop off point, is very important! You’ll have to decide on a spot that’s picturesque, close to public transport options and, most importantly, convenient for all of your guests to get to. Take a poll and pick the location that works for most people. Also, be sure to choose somewhere that’s close to bars or restaurants if you plan on keeping the party going once you hit dry land.

Take the time to follow these pointers and get ready to host an unforgettably fun event!

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