How To Move A Grand Piano Safely?



Moving grand piano demands a great deal of planning. From packing the piano to putting it into the right place, every step is complicated. Some of the grand piano owners think that it is their job to pack, load and unload the piano. When you are transporting a piano across the country, you need to make sure that you are doing it safely. Not doing it safely will not only cause some damage to the instrument but also present traffic hazards.

How To Move A Grand Piano Safely

So, if you want to play safe, always hire professional piano movers. This is the only way you can make sure that your instrument reaches the destination on time and without any damage. You need to have means and knowledge if you want to move it on your own. Most probably, you don’t have any of the tools and equipment required to load, move and unload the instrument. It is often required to tune the instrument after a move. Do you know how to tune a grand piano? Moreover, you can’t fit a piano in your car.

You can rent out a truck for moving grand piano. What’s next? Even when your piano has casters, you cannot move the instrument downstairs. You can give a call to five or six of your friends and hopefully they will come to help you. Even they too are least likely to have any knowledge required for moving a piano. You cannot move your piano quickly, safely and without any trouble. This is the reason why you should call professionals if you want safe and timely delivery.

If you still want to execute this job without professional help, we can tell you the right way for moving grand piano in the following six steps.

  • Prepare your piano
  • Carry it safely down the stairs
  • Load it onto the truck
  • Secure it tightly
  • Unload
  • Move it to its place

Prepare your piano

Arrange piano dolly, piano straps and other tools required to pack, move and load your piano. Cover its body to protect it from scratches due to piano straps. Make sure that the truck is spacious enough to accommodate the instrument.

Carry it safely

You can use its wheels to push your piano on the floor. If stairs are involved, move it safely. You can also use a piano dolly to move it.


The back of the truck and your piano may not be at the same level. Most of the professional piano movers use wooden planks. Lift piano from the dolly and put it on wooden planks. Now move it into the back of the truck.


Secure it to the truck wall using moving straps. Make sure that it remains immovable during the transport. Make sure that moving straps don’t cause scratches on the piano.


Remove all the moving straps and use wooden planks to unload it. Move it on the wooden planks slowly.

Move it to its place

Be careful while moving it upstairs. When you are moving to the new piano room, make sure that it is away from windows and doors. You must keep it away from the sunlight.

If you play your instrument, you are most likely to notice that it is out of tune. You can’t fix this. This is the reason you should count on professional piano movers and tuners.

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