How to Start Selling Handbags Online



Tired of being a scapegoat and dwelling over long working hours and hectic meetings? Well, that’s how monotonous jobs are. If you are one of those who want to find some flexibility between work and leisure, starting your own business is a good option where you can convert your interest into something that can help you make an earning.

Sell online

Nowadays, the internet is the biggest platform for marketing, especially when you are unable to find some shop or place to sell your things. It helps in targeting a larger audience, saves time and provides better exposure to your start-ups just by sitting in front of your laptop.

Let’s take on the possibility of selling handbags and how you can make it work.

Make a start-up plan 

Once you decide that selling handbags interests you, you need good knowledge about how to work on that path. Make a plan on how to implement a vague idea into a substantial plan.

Take into consideration the handbag in demand, customer demography, financial planning and different rentals that occur at different stages.

Permits and licenses seller

As soon as you go through the plan, the next step is to get yourself licensed as an authentic seller. A license ensures that you can be trusted plus it also allows you to buy bags at wholesale prices. And if you decide to go for a physical store then you need specific permits as well.

Selling- retail/wholesale

Next, choose the mode of selling you are comfortable with – you can opt for selling retail or wholesale. If you sell directly to retailers, it means bulk orders and large payments but minimal profits. But if you sell retail you get good profits and can also hold onto inventory for a desirable time.

Setting up online as well as offline publicity

When starting a business, you need to attract consumers, which can be done through offline as well as online publicity. All you have to do is publicize about different bags you are selling or the discounts you are offering. You can explain your services to people so that they can look for you when they need to buy a handbag. Explain why buying from you is a good option.

You can use pamphlets, hoardings, word of mouth, offer sales, stalls, and can also start an online flash sale.

Always have variety in order to stand out

Have a vast variety to offer, to make customers engage in buying handbags from you. There are so many handbags out there like crossbody bags, hobo bags, satchel bags and many more. You can upgrade your selections by offering different sizes like tote bags which are big and can carry a lot of stuff for you, or clutches which are small in size and mostly used when going out to party.

Delivery options

Always offer good and safe delivery options. Bags should be wrapped in an attractive way that enhances the beauty of it overall.

Have good store inventory

Make sure you’re not short on quantity. Disappointing your customer can affect your business. Non-availability is a major cause of start-ups shutting down.

Ensure that they are kept in a smoke-free, dust-free, cool and dry environment.

Market yourself well

There are many online strategies that you can use as advertising on social media or pay-per-click ads where you will get paid for every click. Put down interesting advertisements showcasing handbags you are offering. Social media can help you reach a mass audience and you can showcase your work in a creative and innovative manner.

Presentation of your handbags

If you are running a physical store or an online store, your handbags should be presentable all the time. They should look desirable to attract consumer’s eyes so that instead of buying one, they end up buying more.

A fashion business can be difficult, but if you go for selling the most essential accessory of fashion with proper planning and structure, you can easily pull off and start your business. Handbags have never gone out of fashion; they are always going to be trending. Therefore, investing in this business can be quite beneficial.

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