Importance Of Understanding Translation Of The Quran In Your Native Language

Allah needs three things from us to be a good Muslim: submission, sincerity, and commitment. Allah has blessed us with wisdom to choose between evil and good. The question arises how can we discriminate between both of them? The Holy Quran is a book of guidance by discussing all aspects of life. Even the teachings of the Quran are applicable in every era. We find the truth about our creator via reading the Quran. Merely recitation of the Quran is not sufficient, but we should understand its translation to seek guidance.

Do online Quran teaching academies satisfactory?

Most of the people are busy in their hectic. They do not enough time to go to a mosque to learn the translation of the Quran. In this critical problem, any authentic online Quran reading academy comes forward to serve Muslims. The top priority of these online learning schools is the satisfaction of students. Another important benefit is that if you are not satisfied, you can replace your teachers as well.

Surveillance of certified scholars:

Online learning is not an easy task. It requires the supervision of a professional and well-qualified teacher to teach the translation of the Quran. The capability of the Quran teacher is an integral part to teach via online platforms such as Skype. It is a fact that you are spending time and money in learning translation, and then your teacher must be supportive, experienced, and master of his field.

Learn in a flexible environment:

Usually, Muslims dwelling in non-Muslim states is inclined towards the online Quran reading academy due to the flexibility of timetables. Many students encounter multiple problems related to a rigid timetable but these online learning platforms arrange online classes according to your schedule. Many of the Muslims can understand Urdu and English language. That’s why it would be easy for you to learn translation in your native language.

word-to-word translation approach:

No doubt, the classical Arabic language is different from the modern Arabic language. Over time, many amendments have made this language more difficult to understand. The translation of the Quran starts from learning the basic rules of the Arabic language. It is imperative to know the meanings of a word used in different positions. The online Quran translation in English and Urdu is easy for students to understand and deduce the most appropriate meaning. Initially, word to word translation is important to understand the verbal meanings of verses. Move to short verses and then move to long ones.

Become a master of the Arabic language:

However, the students can consult authentic books of Hadith and Islamic history to broaden the perspective. It is considered very helpful to understand the prehistoric events mentioned in the Quran. In the end, the students pass through a series of tests and quizzes to ensure that they are absorbing lessons. The online Quran translation in English and Urdu makes you self-sufficient in understanding the meaning of verses. The translation opens new frontiers to understand the teachings of Allah Almighty to lead a simple and righteous life.