Information For Getting A Sick Certificate In Australia Online

Whether it a cold or during flu season, employees need to get a medical certificate from their local GP so they can access their sick leave entitlements. However, what exactly do you need to do and what specific details does your sick certificate need to show?

Here we will explain the requirements you will need in order to obtain a sick certificate in Australia under the National Employment Standards (NES):

Getting a medical certificate online

Telemedicine providers enable you to book a consultation with an online doctor via video conferencing on a smart phone, tablet and computer. After a brief assessment and if your doctor has determined you are unfit for work, you will be sent your sick certificate in an email to either send through to your employer or print out and hand it in when you return back to work.

The length of notice you will need to give

You need to let your employer know that you need to take sick leave which needs to be done as soon as you can. Depending on the situation, this can include information including the location and name of the hospital you are staying in. When giving notice regarding sick leave, you also need to specify the duration of time that you think you will need to be off from work.

When you can ask for a medical certificate

Your workplace can ask you to provide evidence as to why you have been off from work during any period. This also includes the number of days you were absent from work. If you do not provide your boss with a sick leave certificate when asked, you may not be entitled to your paid sick leave.

What your medical certificate will need to provide

The National Employment Standards does not exactly specify the type of evidence which you will need to provide to obtain your online sick leave certificate. In fact, no requirement is mentioned stating that your medical condition needs to be provided on your sick leave certificate. The Australian Medical Association (AMA)guidelines specify that a medical certificate will need to state the following information:

• The date your sick certificate was issued.
• The date(or dates)that you will be unfit for work for.
• The medical clinic’s address that issued your medical certificate.
• The name of the GP that issued you your medical certificate.

However, there are situations where you may need to show further medical information or details including:If your employment has any requirements regarding safety compliance.

• If any claims need to be recovered and when you are returning to work.
• Any workplace adjustments that are required as a result of a persistent incapacity.
• If there will be an extended period of time that you will be away from work or if your sick leave is required on an ongoing basis.

Having a consultation with an online GP via chat is the most convenient, fastest and easiest way to get your sick certificate in Australia. So, search online for a telemedicine provider today!