Key Benefits of Integrating Technology in Classrooms

There was a time when teachers were not adept at using computer in the classroom. Then again, even until 15 years ago, personal computers were very much on the expensive side and only the upper middle class and above could think of owning one. Even with repeated demands from the student fraternity to introduce computers and the internet often failed to rouse the consciousness of the academic faculty at large. However, this concept has undergone tremendous changes and so has the perspective of the teachers towards using technology in classrooms.

Nowadays, we notice that most district schools and colleges have already allowed online learning in classes or at least on the verge on introducing this Technology Guest Post . There are actually many advantages of going the online route.

Free Accessibility to Learning Resources

Most of the students complain about not getting access to a particular textbook from the library since it has already been reserved by another. These problems can be addressed by letting the students use the internet since one can download and read numerous e-books at any point of time. They can ever browse through innumerable education related websites in order to take notes or as a reference to complete projects on time.

Creation of a Classroom Blog

Teachers have the option to create a classroom blog to provide an improved learning experience. Teachers may post articles related to a specific topic or a lesson for students to go through it. Students can also be allowed to write their own blog articles. They can post comments and suggestions on any blog post and initiate a quality debate or maybe discuss it further in class.

Instant Feedback and Assessment

Students tend to be motivated when allowed to interact with their classmates or teachers, 24/7. This is possible through the introduction of blogs and via online forums. Beyond school hours, students can chat and email their queries to the teacher and receive instant feedback on the same. Teachers also have the opportunity to assess the performance of each student via sending them online questionnaires or through a conversation in the online school networking platforms.

Meeting Up Outside Faculty

With the internet in place, it has become extremely convenient for a college to invite guest lecturers. They don’t need to travel to your institution to give a speech; rather they can establish instant connection with the students and the teachers via web conferencing or by joining the institution’s online community. Webcams, etc. make it possible to see the speaker whilst students can take down notes. Teachers can even record the entire session to view it sometime later or archive it for future learners.

Improved Learning Scope

Introduction of technology tools in the classrooms ensure that students get access to every resource that they need to better their learning skills. Students can view video clips to understand step by step procedures of completing a project. Books that are hard to access can easily be located on the internet. Amazon has such a huge storage of e-books for elementary students to research scholars.