Know about Face wash with neem

In ayurveda neem is that famous medicinal herb which helps in curing various ailments .In english been is  known as Azadirachta Indica  and ‘Neemba’ in sanskrit. Neem leaves has antibacterial properties and helps in treating chronic ailments. There is face wash named Noscar face wash with neem extract which helps in treating the scars and also enables in treating pimples, acne, dark spots,  hyperpigmentation,  hives and sunburn. If you are dealing with these skin disorders you can definitely use this face wash.

Why neem is important in treating skin ailments?

Neem consists of immense skin, hair and health benefits. When it comes to treating the skin issues you can call it a wound healer ,you can apply it’s paste on the place where an insect has bitten and you will observe that the wound is healing very quickly. You can also apply the paste on acne, dark spots,  eruptions and you will see the transformation within few days. Another benefit is that if you apply neem paste with turmeric on eczema,  ringworm and other mild skin issues it works like a magic. In this way it’s good for treating ear ailments,  eye and also helps to remove dandruffs. One of the most important fact is if you mix neem with lukewarm water and drink it it will enable you to boost your immunity. Then you can understand the importance of neem as a medicinal herb. So, if you get face wash with neem extracts then you it will be medicinal supplement to your skin. Most of your skin problems like black heads,  acne,  eczema and finally the scar marks will be healed. We all lead a fast life, so in that case it’s not possible everyday to make neem paste and then apply on our skin and it’s also difficult to get neem leaves in every season , thus if we find a face wash with neem extract we can use regularly and in almost every season.

Composition favourable for treating skin issues

As it is mentioned earlier there is a face wash named Noscar which comprises of neem extracts as well as one percentage of salicyclic acid. Salicyclic acid is also an antifungal property and antibacterial property which helps to cure the infection may be it’s eczema,  hyperkeratosis  and hives etc. Neem is a natural herb and treats the ailments from its roots. Moreover, neem is excellent in healing scars. If you are looking a face wash which will not only cleanse your face but also give a daily treatment from the skin disorders you can use Noscar face wash with neem extract.

Precautions for using the face wash

If you are using Noscar face wash please be careful that while using it doesn’t touch your eyes, mouth and nose. Please keep it way from children . Please store it away from sunlight. If you are allergic to salicyclic acid then don’t use the face wash.

In the end, it is always recommendable to eat green vegetables, fruits and drink plenty of water if you want to keep your skin and physical health  in a healthy condition.