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As the summer season drew to a close and that first whiff of chilly breeze kissed the tip of my nose, I knew it was time for fall.

The fall season is my favourite. You can always find me sipping on a pumpkin spice latte with a side of banana or pumpkin bread styled head to toe in plaid. If I could help it, I would be lying on a bed of rusty dried leaves all day. Yes, I am that token fall girl. 

With the fall season approaching, I made a list of essential items I needed for this fall season. My goal this year was to look effortlessly chic – you know the kind where you look stylish but not like you tried too hard? Yes, that. 

Black Biker Leather jacket

My list comprised of a chic overcoat, all the cardigans (sweater weather, duh), a whole lot of beanies (what is fall without beanies even?), ankle boots, but most importantly, a leather jacket. 

Now, I am a fiend when it comes to leather goods. I have a vast collection of leather goods and accessories, yet I cannot seem to have enough. Every time I go to the store, I can feel the leather bag in the corner, just calling my name, whispering in my ear to come and have a little taste. Needless to say, my addiction to leather is to blame for my low credit score.

Leather Skin Women  

Everything on my list seemed like an easy to find if I am honest. The one item I struggled to get a hold of was the leather jacket. Mind you; this was no ordinary leather jacket. After a random weeknight, I sought comfort in watching a fashion show. I was not paying much attention to the show until I saw something truly magical.

It was a stunning Sies Marjan 2019 fall collection piece: a vibrant purple leather coat. Bold yet modest, minimal yet larger than life, simple yet stunning – I was fixated. The design was not anything you had not seen before. 

Perhaps I was biased because purple is one of my favourite colours, but there was just something so gripping about this jacket that I could not look away. That night, I decided I was going to buy a purple leather jacket

Considering my obsession with leather goods, you would expect me to have a classic leather jacket, and you are right, I do. I have a sexy black, a striking brown, and a calming blue number too. This time, however, my search was slightly more specific. 

Finding a purple leather jacket is no easy task. Hardly a few people make them, so I was not feeling very optimistic about achieving my goal.

All my apprehensions faded like a bad dream; however, the day I found my perfect match amidst an aimless 2 am web search on my phone right before I hit the sack. 

Women Purple Jacket

There it was — my perfect purple leather jacket. A Brando form-fitting cut with quilted sleeves, zipper detailing, and broad lapels – this jacket was everything I had hoped and dreamed it would be. 

Now you might be wondering where I found this gem and how much it cost and how I ensured its fitting. Let me answer all of your questions, starting with the first one: I got my purple leather jacket from Leather Skin Shop.

What is Leather Skin Shop?

Leather Skin Shop is an online store that specializes in leather goods. The company was established in 2012 and initially only sold leather bracelets; however, now they have expanded operations and branched into leather jackets, boots, bags, and accessories. 

Leather Skin Shop ships across the globe and takes pride in producing premium quality leather goods. What makes them stand apart from everyone else, however, are their prices. 

Leather Skin Shop is your one-stop-shop for excellent quality leather goods, especially if you are on a budget. Style, quality, and affordability; what could there possibly be to complain about?

What does Leather Skin Shop have to offer?

Leather Skin Shop, although started as a company that sold leather bracelets, is now primarily known for its lux leather jackets. Offering you an extensive array of leather jacket designs in an assortment of unique cuts and never seen before colours, Leather Skin Shop is changing the game for leather goods. 

Leather Skin Shop is best known for its jackets. Whether you are on the lookout for a casual leather bomber, a chic racer jacket, or an edgy biker leather number, Leather Skin Shop has them all. 

If you are on the hunt for a unique colour like I was, then Leather Skin Shop is the place for you. From bright yellows and mint greens to blazing reds and intoxicating purples, Leather Skin Shop is a leading name when it comes to innovative new ideas such as brightly coloured leather jackets. 

However, what earns them their reputation in the market is their offer to make custom leather jackets at the most affordable price tag.

Apart from jackets, Leather Skin Shop also has an exciting collection of men’s shoes to choose from. From classic oxfords and derbies to the mod chukkas and Chelsea boots, Leather Skin Shop has them all; that too in never seen before colours and designs.

You would think they would stop at jackets and shoes, but no. This online megastore offers an assortment of accessories, too, including hats, bags, and the OG leather bracelets.

  • My experience

I am not going to lie; initially, I was a little hesitant about ordering from them because, in the past, I only ever had bought anything from mainstream brands. Online stores can be gimmicky, so it is perfectly normal to feel a little iffy before taking the big leap. 

After I snapped out of my fixation and stopped drooling over the purple leather jacket on my screen, I proceeded to do some online searches to collect reviews.

To my surprise, I was greeted with an array of positive reviews from buyers. Aside from the quality, they were raving about the company’s customer service as well as openness to customizing things according to your needs. I still scrolled past everything. 

Their website is very organized and easy to work with. There is an informative section for blogs that offers everything from styling tips to lists of essentials to whatnot, a bonus for those who are new to the world of fashion.  

Moving on to the actual shopping experience, I am pleased to say that it was possibly one of the best shopping experiences I ever had. Their comprehensive size chart is easy to understand. 

If there are any questions, you can always start a live chat with their representatives, and rest assured, your concern will be resolved.

Their customer service was exceptional. I inquired about getting my jacket lined, considering the winter was fast approaching. They offered me a variety of fabrics to choose from, out of which I opted for thermal lining because I do not like having hypothermia.

After almost chickening out at least five times, I finally confirmed my order. Then, my wait started. 

The whole time, I kept thinking about how it might turn out to be the worst decision ever, and my money went down the drain. Then the day came when it finally arrived. 

It was the most stunning piece of art I had ever laid eyes on. I was at a loss for words. You could feel the quality of it. Premium, lux, supreme, this jacket was everything. 

I tried it on, and it fit me like a glove hugging my curves like a dream. It was warm and cosy yet super edgy and bold. I stood in front of the mirror, exclaiming with joy like a child of Christmas morning. Yes, I am also the token Christmas winter girl, in case you are wondering. It looked so stunning I did not want to take it off.

It has been two months since I got my hands on my new favourite item in my wardrobe, and I have worn it out to almost every friend gathering I have had. I am hoping to coin the term “the girl in the purple leather jacket” soon.

The point of my unreasonably long explanation is to tell you about my precious find and how you should give them a shot too. 

I highly recommend them not just because they have a fantastic variety but because this was one of the best shopping experiences of my life and trust me, I shop a lot so take my word for it. 

If you are on the hunt for good leather goods, Leather Skin Shop is your digital getaway to a universe of premium leather goods at the best prices. I speak from personal experience when I say that they are not fooling around. 

Visit their website now. You might find your perfect match as I did.

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