List of 7 must-haves in your Hospital Bag



It is almost the time and your due date can be approaching!! It’s time to welcome your baby, get ready to bring home the bundle of joy. 

Here are 7 must-haves in your hospital bag. Before starting to the hospital, make sure you have all these essential things in your hospital bag to avoid any last-minute hassle. 

List of 7 Must-Haves in Your Hospital Bag – Must For First Time Mommy 

  1. Easy clothing

This is must for your newborn, opt for baby clothes which can be opened easily like bodysuits, sleeper gown, infant shirts. 

This can be simply pulled up and the diaper changing job can be done easily. Pack side snaps tees for infant, it will give some space for the umbilical cord region to breath. 

Before packing makes sure to wash all the clothes in unscented detergent and good antiseptic liquid. Also, check out our latest article on tiffa scan

  1. Diapers and wipes

Most of the hospitals will have these for you, but it is always better to bring diapers and wipes of your preferred brands. 

Pack loads of these in your hospital bag. Make sure you invest in a good brand of baby diapers and wipes. Look for super soft and newborn friendly diapers. While opting for the wipes, use good water-based wipes. 

  1. Mittens and Socks

Babies are majorly born with long and super sharp nails, pack a few pairs of infant mittens, this will prevent the baby from scratching its own delicate face. 

Also, protect their little feet with infant socks.  No matter what might be the climate, it is always best to carry the mittens and socks. During summers, opt for cotton mittens and socks.  Keep warm woollen socks and mitten sets during winters. 

  1. Nursing Pillow

Nursing Pillows are versatile C shaped pillows, it will help you comfortably feed your little one. You will get enough support as this pillow elevates the little one and brings up to a suitable level, you can nurse the baby without hurting neck, back, and arms. 

Look for a cute print nursing pillow as it has multiple usages,  it can be used in future as a backrest for babies when they begin to sit on their own.  

You can also use it during periods under your legs to reduce the craps pain.  In fact, a nursing pillow is worth investment, it is highly helpful even when the baby grows. 

  1. Swaddle Blankets

 The hospital may gift you with one, but it is always advisable to brink one swaddle blanket and a sleep sack. For the initial few weeks, your baby will curl up into the foetal position you can use these.  

Look for a swaddle blanket which has super soft fabric and is gentle on the sensitive baby skin. Don’t miss to choose cute prints and patterns. 

  1. Extra Undergarments and Extra-Absorbent Pads

This is a must after delivery, it is advisable to pack extra pairs of undergarments and pads. Also, pack a pair of maternity hygiene panties, it should be available on all leading maternity wear outlets or you can always shop only. 

It will prevent the chances of urinary tract infection. Make sure the fabric of the undergarments is breathable, soft and comfortable. These undergarments also will support your belly. 

  1. Nursing Wears

Check out and pick your favourite nursing bras and tops from, you can also invest in leak-proof nursing bras. It will help you to feed little one easily without any embarrassment. In a leak-proof nursing bra, the cups are leak-proof and is made using 100 % breathable fabric. 

All you need is to drop the cups for easy nursing.  Pack at least 4 or 5 no’s of the nursing bra so that you can use it on demand. Look for conformable nursing wear options which are made using cotton or soft fabric. 

Make sure you have all these 7 essential items in your hospital bag for an easy and stress-free birthing experience.  

It is always best to pack the bags 15 20 days before your due date because babies sometimes can surprise their mommies and paying them to visit early. Packing in advance will save a lot of time and hassle. 


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