What to look for in an iPhone Repair Shop?

It’s official – iPhones have taken the world by storm. Worldwide, millions of people swear by these Apple devices. Young and older people alike are addicted to these small wonders and practically have their phones glued to their hands, thanks to all of the iPhone’s great features.

But no matter how awesome iPhones are, they’re prey to damage or other issues thanks to drops, spills and daily wear and tear. They can have software problems or hardware issues. If you’re facing this problem, you’re going to want to look for iphone repair services ASAP.

There’s a slew of repair options for any type of gadget you can own. If your iPhone is still under warranty, it’s best practice to take it to the Apple store to get it repaired. Just go to the Apple website and fill in your city name in the search box.

But, if your iPhone is having problems that aren’t covered under warranty or if the warranty has expired, you should consider getting it repaired at a reliable third-party repair shop.

So how do you find the best third-party repair shop? Check out potential stores’ reputations to figure out how reliable they might be. Things to consider are:

  • Years in business
  • Feedback from previous customers
  • Negative feedback or reviews

Online Reviews

The internet is going to be your main source of information about iPhone repair. Google reviews and Yelp are good sources. You can also check on Facebook for other customer reviews.

Bear in mind that people will be more likely to write about a bad experience than a good one, so if you do see a few negative reviews, don’t be completely turned off. Instead, look for the pattern of reviews. If they are mainly positive, this is probably a good store for you. If they are mainly negative, you might want to find another shop.

Look at review specifics. If a repair shop has good ratings on reviews but bad reviews about the customer service, you might want to overlook the bad aspects of the business to get a quality repair. Customer service is important, but it won’t make up for poor workmanship.

Remember the most important factor you are looking for: the quality of the work. You are going to need to prioritize what is most important to you when you look for a repair shop so you can find one that best matches your needs.

Going to the Store

Pay a visit to your third-party repair store and see how savvy the techs are. Technicians should be polite and respectful, and also skilled and well-trained. Look for a repair centre with a thirty-day or longer warranty on repairs.

A warranty means that if you get your phone repaired at this store, and if you experience the same problem during this period, you can take it back to the shop to get it repaired for free.

If you are experiencing a problem with hardware, you’re going to need to replace the damaged component of your iPhone. In this case, go to genuine smartphone service centres that use genuine parts.

Quality of Repair Parts

If you are looking to save money, you may ask for refurbished Apple parts. These parts were specifically made for iPhones, but they have been used lightly before. Before Apple releases these parts for reuse, they verify that they meet standards for functionality. This is a way to save on repair costs while still getting original Apple parts.

Ask how much your repair is going to cost. Some repair stores will charge more than other shops for the same repair services. Get a quote in writing before you leave your phone with any repair store.

Remember that if your iPhone needs extra repairs on top of what you were given an estimate for, the store should contact you for your permission to finish repairs. They should also give you an estimate for the cost of the extra repairs at this time.

Quality of Repairs

When you are getting your iPhone repaired, look at all of the services that the repair shop offers. They should specialize in iPhone repairs, and not be a computer repair shop that also fixes phones on the side. This will help you figure out whether the shop is qualified to do a good job fixing your phone.

This doesn’t mean you have to go to a store that exclusively fixes iPhones though. A good shop that works on a variety of devices will have the expertise and skills necessary to fix your phone. To be sure that the shop is qualified, make sure that the shop regularly fixes iPhones, not just occasionally.

Turnover Time

Our lives are so entwined with our iPhones – being without our phones for even just a day can seem like an eternity. When you choose an iPhone repair store, make sure they will complete the repairs quickly. You don’t want to be without your phone any longer than is necessary.

There are a lot of top-notch repair shops to complete the work for you in an hour or less, but this depends on how intensive the repairs required are. Simple repairs, like a cracked screen, can be fixed quickly. If your phone is experiencing serious issues though, it’ll take more time to get to the root of the issue to fix it.

If you’re not planning to wait for the repairs in shop, get a solid delivery time so you know exactly when to pick it up. An answer like “sometime later this week” is unacceptable. If a repair store seems hesitant to give you a specific time to come back, it’s best to look for a different repair store that will be more conscious of your time.

Hopefully, these tips will have you off to a good start in your quest for finding the perfect iPhone repair shop. Remember, your iPhone is an investment just like any other possession, so carefully research and choose who you want to work on your phone.

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