Massage gun comparison – these are the best models!

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Massage pistols comparison

1 comparison of massage pistols – these are the best models!

1.1 What is a massage gun or massage gun?

1.1.1 How does a massage gun work?

1.1.2 For when is a massage gun worthwhile? Massage gun for physiotherapists and chiropractors Massage pistol for athletes Massage gun against back pain Massage gun against stress

1.1.3 Which parts of the body can I treat with a massage gun?

1.2 Massage Gun Tests – How We Compare

1.2.1 What should you look for in a massage gun?

1.3 Massage gun providers

1.3.1 TheraGun massage pistols

1.3.2 Hyperice massage guns

1.3.3 be careful with very cheap massage guns

1.4 Theragun G3PRO

1.4.1 Scope of delivery TheraGun G3PRO

1.4.2 Pro and Con TheraGun G3PRO

Massage gun is currently an absolute trend product. The market is currently flooded with new products and innovations. An endless number of products came onto the market within a few weeks and months. Many of them from manufacturers that have never been seen before. In our massage pistol comparison, we give you an overview of the current market situation.

There are currently no tests by the large professional product testers like Stiftung Warentest. The products are just too new for that. Therefore, you currently have to rely on the many, often strikingly very good product reviews on sites like recova pro.

On recova pro, there are currently almost a hundred different massage pistols, all of which look very similar. It is striking that these products are often very similar. But more on that below.

We looked at the customers, brand models, and cheap alternatives in this massage pistol comparison and give you our recommendation at the end. Here is a first overview of the models.


What is a massage gun or massage gun?

A massage gun is a cordless massager that you can easily hold in your hand. The name of the massage pistol probably comes from the design of some models, which is reminiscent of a pistol.

The first massage gun was invented in Los Angeles in 2008 by chiropractic Jason Westland. The background of the invention was a motorcycle accident in which Werseland suffered a spinal fracture. As a result of the accident, he was struggling with back pain and was looking for a solution to relieve it alone without the help of a physiotherapist.

This was exactly possible with the massage gun. Thanks to the powerful motor, he was able to treat his back himself without being dependent on the help of others. Westland then made his invention available to the mass market through his company TheraGun.

How does a massage gun work?

The great advantage of the massage gun is the battery, without an annoying cable you can work very flexibly on all parts of the body. The massage gun relieves tension with very quick and strong impacts. This means that even large parts of the body such as your thighs can be massaged in a short time. Most devices have different attachments for, for example, large muscle areas such as the thigh, or small muscle areas such as the shoulders.

The devices work either via a massage head that moves in circular movements over the muscle, or a back-and-forth movement. The massage head moves back and forth around 2,000 times a minute. The strong concentration of the device on the currently massaged point ensures that trigger points and the fascia relax. You can adjust the strength of the movement on most devices.

The movement increases the blood flow to the tissue and thus disrupts the pain cycle in the brain. This means that your sore muscles or back pain are less noticeable.

When is a massage gun worthwhile?

A massage gun is worthwhile in some situations. For professional users, it is important to pay particular attention to quality and sufficient strength of the device when purchasing.

A massage gun is suitable for everyone who has strong muscle soreness on a regular basis and tends to muscle tension.

The manufacturers state the following benefits from massage:

Breakdown of lactate in the muscle

Accelerate muscle recovery

Increase range of motion

Improve blood circulation

Relief of soft tissue pain

Stimulate muscle growth

Diminished DOMS

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Massage gun for physiotherapists and chiropractors

The massage gun was invented by a chiropractor. Today, it is used by countless physiotherapists and chiropractors in the United States.

The device is suitable, for example, for loosening the muscles before further manual treatment. Due to its powerful movements, the device is significantly more intensive than classic massage treatment.

Massage gun for athletes

As an athlete, do you often struggle with sore muscles? After a hard workout in your home gym, a massage gun, in addition to sufficient regeneration, consisting of a balanced and sufficient diet, enough quality sleep, can help take your performance to a new level.

In particular, the better blood circulation to your muscles as a result of the massage leads to a faster recovery from the stress. So you are ready for action again faster and can perform better.

Massage gun for back pain

If you have back pain more often, consider using a massage gun.

Back pain often has caused such as sitting too long or strenuous work. This can be caused, for example, by lifting and bending too often.

In addition to improving the lifting and bending technique, a massage gun can also promise pain relief.

A simple, inexpensive massage pistol could be interesting for you.

Theragun, Therabody,  massage gun,  recovapro,  theragun pro,  gun massager,  massage device,  percussion therapy, body massager,  Hypervolt vs theragun,

Massage gun against stress

Massage guns are also recommended by manufacturers against stress.

We can fully confirm the sleepy and relaxing effects of massages ;).

With a massage gun, you can bring your personal massage into your home at any time.

What parts of the body can I treat with a massage gun?

You can treat all-important muscle areas with a massage gun. Above all, this includes the legs, buttocks, arms, and shoulders. The massage gun should not be used for muscle or tendinitis such as tendinitis. The strong massage could do even more damage here.

After a massage, you should give your muscles a rest. Massage every day is not recommended.

Massage Gun Tests – How We Compare

At Stiftung Warentest you will not find a test of massage pistols yet. The products are too new. If you want to inform yourself before buying, you will find lots of information on the Internet. We have compiled the most important reviews and reviews for you here.

What should you look for in a massage gun?

The performance – Do you need a powerful massage gun to knead many muscles intensively or is a relatively weak massage gun with a lower output sufficient for pure relaxation. Some machines manage up to 3,000 beats per minute, cheap models only around 500.

The volume – massage guns can be surprisingly loud. In particular, cheap models do not use high-quality components, which are often very loud. If you want to use the device for relaxation, you should choose a quiet model.

The battery – massage pistols have very different battery capacities. On average, expensive machines have better batteries. Some devices allow battery charging outside of the device. With a replacement battery, the runtime can be significantly improved.

The guarantee period – A massage gun is very heavily used. The movement leads to very high wear in the device. Cheap import devices often give up after just a few weeks. In order not to sit on a defective device here, pay attention to the longest possible manufacturer warranty. Manufacturers behind their products do not want to sell you cheap scrap!

Massage guns supplier

In addition to countless no-name providers of massage pistols, there are also some brand suppliers, including the top brands TheraGun and Hyperice. In our comparison, we present the most important models of both.

TheraGun massage pistols

TheraGun was launched by founder Jason Werseland in 2008 after a motorcycle accident. This means that the provider has been active on the market for the longest time and can rightly claim to have invented the massage pistol.

In 2017, the company launched the second generation of their massage pistol. With the new design, the company was again able to massively increase awareness of the product and convince some athletes to use and market the product.

In 2019 TheraGun launched the latest development, the TheraGun G3Pro Massage Gun. Among other things, the device was equipped with a quieter motor and now has longer battery life.

TheraGun currently sells the following models:

TheraGun G3Pro Pro model

Theragun G3

Basic model

In our comparison, we deal extensively with the TheraGun G3Pro.

Be careful with very cheap massage guns

As already indicated above, many of the models available on recova pro are very similar. It can often be seen with the naked eye that the same components have been used. The resemblance is often so strong that the pistol looks almost completely the same. Take a look at the following models:

Theragun G3PRO

TheraGun G3PRO test

The Theragun is the top dog among the massage pistols. Compared to the other models on the market, the TheraGun stands out due to its special appearance. The different grip options make TheraGun easier to massage yourself.

According to the manufacturer, the high amplitude, i.e. vibration range, is a unique selling point compared to other massage guns. In our comparison, we looked at some massage pistols and other models also have this property. For us, the supposedly high amplitude is not a unique selling point.

The heads of TheraGun G3PRO include:

Standard ball: For general use

Dampener: For smaller muscle groups and general use

Thumb: For places that you would also massage with a hand with the thumb. This includes the lower back and other trigger points

Cone: Especially for trigger points of all kinds, targeted treatment of individual muscles, and smaller muscle groups. This includes the feet and hands

Scope of delivery TheraGun G3PRO

The scope of delivery includes:

A small travel case

A small bag for the six different attachments

Two batteries

A charger for the batteries

TheraGun has an enormous advantage over other massage pistols. Thanks to the two rechargeable batteries, the device can be in operation for much longer and practically does not require charging pauses. If one battery runs out, you can simply change it and continue with the other.

Theragun, Therabody,  massage gun,  recovapro,  theragun pro,  gun massager,  massage device,  percussion therapy, body massager,  Hypervolt vs theragun,

Pros and cons TheraGun G3PRO


Two batteries make a long period of use possible

The innovative handle enables effective self-massage thanks to many handle options

The powerful motor ensures a strong massage and thus a better result

High quality and therefore also suitable for use in a professional setting


High price, as a top product, the TheraGun G3PRO is not cheap

High volume

The TheraGun G3PRO is a very well-made top model among the massage pistols. The recova pro did a good job developing the new version but left a few areas for improvement. We are particularly bothered by the device’s high volume. This is particularly annoying when you mainly want to relax. For many athletes, this also includes the necessary calm. This is not the case with this massage gun.

Of course, this minus point is compensated in particular by the two batteries and the strength of the engine. For us, the TheraGun G3PRO is an absolute top product and, if money is irrelevant, it is particularly suitable for determined athletes.