Planning Tips For Amazing Pre-wedding Shoot

pre-wedding shoot video

A pre-wedding photo shoot is a lot of fun and it has become extremely popular amongst young couples especially after the emergence of pre-wedding studios in Delhi and Gurgaon. However, there are a few challenges that couples usually have to face in the process. Here are some tips to help you ease out the process and make it more interesting to shoot.

Engage in a candid chat with the couple before the shoot

This tip is for the photographer. An open and candid discussion with the couple on how they met, what habits and interests they have in common can help the photographer to decide on the themes for the pre-wedding shoot. Couples can also give some inputs as to how they wish to have their photoshoot. The innovative ideas of the photographer together with the couple can help create a stunning pre-wedding video shoot in Delhi or some other location.

Shoot in a continuous shooting mode 

Always be ready for shooting in this mode as it helps the photographer capture some candid and natural moments which is difficult to do if the couple becomes conscious at the beginning of the shoot.

Scouting the locations

After gaining a thorough knowledge of the personalities of couples, the photographer should start scouting in various locations. The selection of locations takes place keeping in mind the nature and desires of couples. If a couple is quiet in nature and wants to have a peaceful pre-wedding shoot in some isolated place in Gurgaon, then such places should be scouted for them.

Use the angles that make the couple look attractive

Most couples tend to get extremely conscious while getting clicked and might end up looking awkward in the pictures. In order to avoid that, the photographer should make sure to use only those angles of the camera that make them look attractive and beautiful. Placing the camera at eye level is the best tactic to click a perfect picture.

Capture meaningful photos

Every picture clicked must carry a meaningful story behind it to make it memorable. The pictures should portray the journey they have had as a couple, what they feel about each other, how they like to express their love to each other.

Use the backlight for a filmy touch

The backlight gives a new dimension to the picture and makes it more vivacious and dramatic. If a couple is clicked in front of the light source, a beautiful line will be created outlining the couple.

Blend the candid and posed photos perfectly

The best photos of a couple are taken when they are not mindful of the fact that they are being clicked. So, the photographer should always be ready to click one whenever he gets a chance. However, posed photos have a charm of their own. Posed and candid photos must be arranged in a way that they look convincing.

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