Pros and Cons of Thin Skin Hair System

The non-surgical hair replacement system is an excellent option for people suffering from hair thinning or hair loss. With these hair solutions, you can get back your appearance of full-head hair without undergoing any surgical treatment. While some people may feel awkward wearing hair wigs, it’s indeed an affordable and safe option.

With advanced manufacturing techniques, a thin skin hair system is also being developed to help you achieve a natural appearance. It is even essential for hair thinning consumers to know about the real pros and cons before investing in a hair system.


Pros of thin hair system:

  • The base of the thin skin hair system is around 0.04 mm, and it doesn’t feel too thin or thick.
  • The thin hair system appears natural, just like your real hair.
  • The front hairline is in V-loop without any knots. So, it looks natural like your real hair.
  • Due to different hair density transitions from thin to a fuller, the hair toupee looks like your natural hair. While the very front hairline is slightly lighter and it becomes thicker gradually towards the middle. This hair transition makes the wig look realistic without anyone noticing that it’s not your natural hair.
  • Some hair toupees even have 95% hair density. It is beneficial for anyone who wants the appearance of thick hair. However, it is recommended to stick to the toupee that resembles your natural hair density so that it doesn’t look awkward.


Cons of thin hair system:

  • Some thin hair systems are made with a mono-layer that’s weak to hold onto the scalp. When you remove and apply such a hair system, you must handle it carefully so that the base does not tear apart.
  • Thin hair systems could last only up to two to three months with proper care and maintenance. So, this is not for anyone looking to replace their hair system annually or twice a year.
  • Some hair systems are made from poor quality synthetic hair that looks unnatural and unappealing to the eyes.
  • Thin hair systems require extra care and attention to maintain its appearance for a long time.
  • It’s not very cost-effective, as you need to replace it quite often.


Where to buy a thin hair system?

When looking for a thin hair system to achieve a natural hair-like appearance, you need to seek a reputed and professional wig manufacturer near you. It is because only the reputed wig supplier or manufacturer will be able to provide you with a quality product with the most natural hairline.

Moreover, when buying a thin hair system, you need to look for a full skin base with strong adhesive so that it stays firmly on the scalp. So, there are no lifting edges like the lace hair systems. It is a significant relief for those wearing a wig for the first time, as lifting edges are annoying and might force them to quit this hair replacement system. To avoid any confusion or inferior quality products, it’s best to consult the trusted hair wig manufacturers and suppliers like NewTimesHair. Such professionals follow a customer-centric approach to offer the best hair solution according to the needs of customers.