Real Estate Sector making use of Chatbots

We are now in the year 2019, chatbots have now are evidently evolved and present in almost all the aspects of an individual’s life. Straight from using them in Facebook Messenger, to phones and even Skype calls – we interact and talk to them all the time.Speaking of chatbots for real estate industry, they have now greatly revolutionized in the way an individual’s buy, sell and/or rent our properties by converting lengthy static forms to an interactive experience.

With Chatbots being used across various industries like healthcare, retail, e-commerce, or hospitality a significant amount of impact in ROI and customer engagement is seen. ChatBots have been designed to be very mannered and graceful and yet be able to help the real estate along with others. Whether it’s an estate agent or customer, the chatbots in the real estate sector have proven to be greatly assistive to both. It has been known to save time and money along with other additional resources.

In the current scenario almost all of the buyers and the sellers are exploring their ways online, it is extremely important to place these custom made chatbots in the real estate sector so as to assist in building a bigger sales funnel. Digitisation today has made it mandatory for businesses to have an online presence where most customers are being converted from the leads generated online. In a scenario like this, by letting all this kind of online traffic going to waste is something that a business cannot afford.

Below mentioned are some points that make it necessary for the real estate sector to deploy Chatbots

1. 24×7 Availability

Even as a real estate agent, one has several time constraints such as deadlines, and even shift timings, which makes it impossible for the individual to be available for the user all day. Chatbots in real estate are designed to be available all day, 365 days thereby addressing all the customer’s queries even outside of the operational hours.

2. Real-time Enquiry

Chatbots can immediately answer any queries, related to property, that a user landing on the website may have, which means no waiting time for assistance from an agent

3. Specific to the User

Everyone has a different requirement relating to the type of property or apartment. Chatbots may be the key element here who provides the customers with just what they want without asking too many questions that are irrelevant and providing only relevant information. This makes it different from the traditional methods of long conversations.

4. Follow-up becomes automated

Apart from following up there are several things that need time and attention being an agent. Chatbots come very handy when one needs to follow up with leads. A message or even an email could be sent to the prospective client automatically, or if even manually is possible.

Some of the other points maybe providing 360 tours of sites, keeping a track of interactions with details. Looking at all these benefits, chatbots for real estate industry in India are also now improving and evolving by the day making the real estate sector even more valuable and stronger.

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