Replace Or Repair? What’s The Best For Balcony Waterproofing

Balconies are expected to remain strong for the life of the home, but structure movement, direct exposure to sun rays and seasonal weather leave the area’s floor rough and cracked. Sometimes, lack of maintenance and poor waterproofing result in a leaky balcony. The leakage affects a balcony’s appearance and leads to water damage when not repaired.

There are two ways to repair a leaky balcony: Replace or repair it. Removing the structure and constructing a new one is a costly procedure. To build a new balcony, you need to hire a team of experienced professionals and spend thousands of dollars. Plus, the process takes a long time to complete. Apart from that, there are chances that the new balcony will end up leaking like the old one as the structure it is built on is still experiencing movement.

If you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money to waterproof your balcony, then repairing it with flexible waterproofing membrane is the right option to consider. Instead of ripping up your balcony, it fixes the issue and provides your leaky balcony with a long-term waterproofing solution. Clear Waterproofing Membrane is an affordable, flexible membrane waterproofing system that repairs your balcony without changing the original appearance of the surface. It’s similar to waterproofing membrane under the tile but it applied to the surface.

Clear Waterproofing Membrane is one of the most reliable complete waterproofing solutions due to its ease to use and long-term protection from leakage. One major advantage of Clear Waterproofing Membrane is that a homeowner can also fix the balcony leakage issue on his own and save money which he had to spent to hire experts.

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Clear Waterproofing Membrane: One Stop Answer To Leaks

Balconies leak for a variety of reasons, and Clear Waterproofing Membrane is a fast, reliable, and money-saving approach to repair a leaky horizontal surface. It’s a single day repair that is designed to last. The flexible membrane allows a balcony’s surface to shrink and expand when the temperature fluctuates.

When you use Clear Waterproofing Membrane, you don’t need to remove the balcony’s tiles. The membrane is added in a way that it doesn’t affect the area’s appearance and make it safer to use.

The clear, flexible waterproofing membrane adds a safe layer to a balcony’s surface. This protects the area from external threats, including UV rays, without affecting its appearance in telus strathmore. Plus, the membrane provides the balcony with the much-needed movement and allows it to contract with the change in temperature.

How To Apply Clear Waterproofing Membrane

For external balconies, there are Clear Waterproofing Membrane kits in different sizes. These kits include products that can be applied after combining part 1 & 2. Although a home-owner can apply the Clear Waterproofing Membrane on his own, it is necessary to prepare a balcony for the process. This includes cleaning the area and taking care of damaged tiles. If there are damaged tiles, readhered to the surface and cracks can be sealed over as crack tiles are usually better in appearance than tiles that don’t match the existing surface. In addition, missing grout need to be fixed before starting the process of using Clear Waterproofing Membrane.

A Clear Waterproofing Membrane includes different kinds of products that need to be mixed well before applying them on the damaged balcony surface. When the balcony is clean, the blend can be applied over the surface with the help of a painting brush and roller. To ensure that area gets the right treatment, there must be two coats of the flexible waterproofing membrane. At the end of the process, you get a transparent membrane on your balcony’s surface which is flexible and effective. It will protect the area from all kinds of outside threats while allowing it to flex with the change in temperature.


Repairing a leaky balcony with Clear Waterproofing Membrane is a more cost-effective, flexible, and time-saving process than replacing the area with a new structure. It doesn’t create a mess and provides the balcony with a long-term solution with a beautiful appearance. You can fix the leakage issue on your own. All you need to have is a Clear Waterproofing Membrane kit. To get one of the best complete waterproofing solutions, get the kit from the right supplier. Remedial Membranes is home of the internal and external Clear Waterproofing Membrane. Here, you can get a waterproofing membrane and give your balcony the care it deserves.

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