Hate to break it to you, but yes the sun and pollution cause your hair to be damaged. Battling this damage is difficult but not impossible. There are ways to manage your hair’s health and also manage the extent of damage caused to your hair by taking a few steps. But before we dive into it, we also suggest you take care of your scalp. The dry scalp also causes many hair problems like dryness, brittle hair and hair fall.

Hair fall is inevitable because pollution is on the rise and that cannot be undone, what can be done is you take preventative steps to manage your hair.

Listed below are some of the steps that might just help you maintain hair and also probably add a few needed routines to your hair care


Products that protect your hair and scalp are a necessity. Shampoos that gently cleanse your hair but do not strip your hair of the natural oils are a good choice. Shampoos which are sulfate-free a great choice. Conditioner which has natural oils namely jojoba, coconut oils are great for your hair, but they do not make your hair oily. Redken all soft conditioner is great because it doesn’t cling to your hair but makes it soft.


Styling products aren’t a great choice in you reside in an urban setting. Products like gels, thickening gels, thick creams attract more dirt which clings to your hair and makes your hairdryer. We suggest you choose the multi-purpose product that helps your hair stay in the hairstyle longer without damaging your hair.


Nourishing products are an absolute yes. They help rejuvenate your hair and make it better for you to style and just go out when needed. Avoid washing your hair too much, if you still must wash your hair then we suggest pick products that help nourish your hair. The Redken Products helps condition dry and brittle hair.


Styling tools can be avoided as much as possible because they tend to damage your hair by exposing your cuticle. This makes your hair vulnerable to all the pollutants in the atmosphere, which in turn makes the hair drier, brittle and hard to manage. So as much as possible avoid styling tools and if you must, opt for lightweight but strong heat protectants that can save your cuticle from the heat damage.


Steaming your hair is a good decision, washing your hair with hot water isn’t, but steaming it is. Steam opens up your hair and makes sure that the moisture is locked in. A weekly steam bath is a good decision. Steam makes your pores open and helps your blood circulate better. Steam also helps the fine dirt be cleaned from your hair follicles which is great because allows better penetration of moisture and oils.


Making sure that your hair is extra protected adds to helping your hair from pollutants. Going out in the open it is advisable to keep your hair covered with an extra cloth, preferably something that isn’t porous or adds friction to your hair, because those materials are notorious for making hair damaged by causing the cuticle to split. Choose materials like silk or satin.


Protein, your hair is made up of protein. The more of the right protein you have inside your body the better. The keyword here is the right protein. Proteins like biotin, vitamin A, B, and C to name a few. These vitamins help the hair not only grow but also absorb some of the vital nutrients from the food and change it into what is needed for your hair to grow.

In its entirety, you cannot evade damage after a point and the best way to deal with that is to have a trim every few months to allow your hair to grow in a healthy manner because you will be cutting off dead hair. Comb your hair regularly, so that sebum from your scalp goes to your hair and allows it to protect it from the pollution. Head to cosmetics to get your products.


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