Start an Online Business: 7 Profitable Ideas to Try

Starting an online business is the easiest yet the most difficult thing to do.

The easy part? Having access to services like HughesNet Business Internet deals that facilitate the operations from home. The difficult part? Breaking through the clutter to make a place in consumers’ minds. Here’s your little guide if you are an aspiring entrepreneur or wish to start an online business.

How to Start an Online Business?

Starting an online business is different from starting any other business in the sense that you won’t have physical outlets to display your products. Otherwise, to start an online business, you will need almost the same ingredients as you do for any other business. These include:

  • Finding a need and aiming at filling it with your business idea.
  • Write a copy that sells.
  • Establish your credibility as a business that will solve the prevailing problem.
  • Tell the potential audience about the ways this product will benefit them and include testimonials as well.
  • Make an offer along with making a strong guarantee.
  • Create urgency and ask for the sale of the product.

All the steps following the part where you identify a need or a gap are something you cannot worry about in the initial stages. To begin with, you should make a conscious effort in trying to find a need.

Once done, you can choose the type of online business that you want to establish. You can choose to either develop a product or offer a service.

Types of Online Businesses

There is an array of online business types out there. But the most prominent types that you will find are the following:

  • Web design.
  • Graphic design.
  • Online store.
  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Re-selling.
  • Virtual assistant.
  • Social Media Manager.

Having looked at some of the types of online businesses that you can opt for, let’s delve into the details about the most profitable ideas this year.

SEO Consultant

As mentioned earlier, it is not necessary that you offer a product as a part of your online business model. You can even provide a service to people and charge them for it. An example is an SEO consultant. To begin with, you should have a sound knowledge about SEO (goes without saying). If you have the technical skills in platforms including Google Analytics and Google Ads, then you can become an SEO consultant.

By applying your knowledge in areas including the analysis of data and using strategic keywords, you can show various business owners how to increase web traffic.

Social Media Consultant

Prominent enterprises hire individuals and even companies to handle their social media accounts. However, small businesses have to handle their social media accounts themselves. Because they cannot afford to pay huge sums of money to companies who perform this task for them.

If you think that you have the skills and the expertise to handle the social media accounts, you can always think of lending a hand to small businesses. It will not just earn you money but will also act as a learning platform for you.

E-commerce Retailer

There’s an audience for everything. You name a thing and you will find people who are willing to pay for it. You need to identify the product that the consumers most want and start selling it online. To begin with, try becoming an e-commerce retailer in a niche market. This will help you in differentiating yourself and building your credibility.

All you would need is a web hosting service and a good marketing campaign to start your own e-commerce business.

Web Designer

Consumers these days pay attention to every detail. As online shopping is an experience in its own self. And if a business fails to impress the consumer through its website or online shopping channel, it doesn’t stand much chance. Since the website is the platform through which an online business sells, it needs to be attractive and easy to use as well.

If you believe that you have the creativity and the expertise that it takes to create a website, offer your service to businesses. And make good money.


If you are a millennial, the chances that you have not heard the word blogger are very rare. Blogging and Vlogging are by far one of the most lucrative businesses. The best part is that you have fun doing the job as well. You get to decide the theme of your blog or vlog. And if you become famous, you get to collaborate with some of the biggest names. Isn’t that exciting?

Virtual Assistant

Do you have task management abilities and organizational skills? If yes is your answer, then you can put these skills to good use. And become a virtual assistant. Some of the tasks that you will have to perform as a part of your job as a virtual assistant include data entry, answering phone calls and making travel arrangements.

App Developer

Mobile applications are more popular than ever. From children to adults, everyone relishes playing games on mobile devices. So, if you know how to develop apps and are good at it, you have chances of earning handsome amount of money.

If you know how to code and have an idea in mind, you can create your own app. Or you can work for a company that develops apps.

Having looked at some of the profitable online business ideas, here are examples of some of the most successful online businesses to motivate you.

Examples of Successful Online Businesses


In less than a year, the company started making $120k per month by selling beard maintenance products.

Taft Clothing

What started as a small family run clothing company is now a big brand that makes a 7 figure earning from its product line. And after they got featured on Reddit, they made $400k in a single day.

My Custom Candy

Businesses like these show how you do not need to have a very unique or big idea to succeed. A little thing like customizing the candies by printing what people wished on them earned this business money. This company now has prominent clients like Victoria’s Secret and JCrew.

The aim behind mentioning these examples here is to tell you that you can start at a very small scale and still grow big. All you need is the will and a unique idea. And yes, you also need to make comparisons like Frontier vs. Spectrum in the initial stages to pick the best Internet service provider for yourself.

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