The Best 5 Mobile Credit Card Readers



Although there are various ways to send and receive money using the internet, payment through mobile credit card readers is now fashionable because people and businesses tend to go cashless and it has become very common with businesses of all sizes as it provides businesses with lucrative features to make purchases easily by installing them. Here in this article, we’ll be discussing the best 5 smartphone credit card readers to allow more sophisticated and successful safe payments.

Furthermore, mobile Credit Card readers are devices that can also be called as dongles, which accept and process payments effectively.

Let’s begin our journey to learn about the best 5 mobile credit card readers for your small businesses.


1. Dharma – Gains praises and recommendation for mid-size businesses


 Dharma credit card processing service is a great choice for companies that have higher average tickets and process around $10,000 to $20,000 per month. The credit card reader has an upfront cost but if the small business can afford the monthly charge and scanners, decent payment prices are unlikely to be found anywhere.

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Dharma’s Features

Dharma can operate with a number of credit card readers, but it recommends the C2X credit card reader AnywhereCommerce Walker, which supports all credit cards, whether they’re magstripe, pin, or Apple Pay and Google Wallet. You can also use a free app to interact with the card reader to accept payments, add tips and email receipts.

Dharam’s Pricing 

Dharma is fairly flexible as far as credit card scanners, terminals, and POS applications go. You can get a reading of your credit card from Dharma, or use a reader of Clover Go cards. Dharma employs interchange-plus pricing, which requires the package rates for credit cards and the costs for merchant service providers. You compensate Dharma the rates and fees are clear and transparent.

Dharma payments include: 

Magstripe, scanner, and contactless reader: $99 In-person transaction fees: interchange-plus 0.15 percent plus 7 cents online transaction fees: interchange-plus 0.20 percent plus 10 cents on American Express transaction fees: interchange-plus 0.25 percent plus 10 cents on a recurring transaction fee: $20 Transaction closing fee.


2. Fattmerchant – Comes in one of the best mobile credit card readers for seasonable business


Fattermerchant is another one of the best mobile credit card readers for seasonable businesses as it provides credit card readers and quick software that fits well for seasonal companies and when you are not using it, you will suspend your retailer activity at a small fee. Fattmerchant is ideal for those on monthly card transactions of about $20 or more per purchase and $20,000 or more.

Fattmerchant’s Pricing

A Fattmerchant credit card reader can cost you around $75 for the magstripe form, or a little more for the magstripe, pin, and contactless payment all-in-one credit card reader. The POS app is free, but based on your total expenses, a merchant service contract with Fattmerchant costs $99 to $199 a month.

Fattmerchant’s Features

Seasonal firms won’t have to pay Fattmerchant the high $99 to $199 monthly rate if they choose to suspend their payment, which is a rare and useful benefit. Fattmerchant has two separate credit card readers to sell, so you can choose the one that makes the most business sense. And if you put in big-ticket sales, the processing fees aren’t too heavy. Mobile POS software is simple but user-friendly.


3. Chase Merchant Services – A perfect solution For large and well-established businesses


Chase Merchant Services serves as a provider of merchant services with the added advantage of being a mainstream business. If you already use Chase for business banking, you can get easier withdrawals by using Chase’s credit card readers as well as processing payments. You might even be able to negotiate for better rates with Chase.

Chase Merchant Services’s Pricing 

Chase Merchant Services Pricing from Chase Merchant Services is a bit tricky because the firm doesn’t show all the processing fees in an easy-to-use table. The regular credit card reader available is $95, but you’ll have to charge $420 for a cellular network if you want to support contactless and smartphone payments.


4. Square – Best solution for every size of businesses


Square is an American company and is the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile credit card machines and readers. Even though they are still relatively new in the UK, they rapidly became the second most popular online search alternative among small businesses.

It was co-founded by Jack Dorsey, who also co-founded Twitter and now manages payments of more than £ 40 billion ($60 trillion) globally each year.

Here we look at the cost of using the Square Reader to process the orders, along with some of the pros and cons.

Square’s features

  • You can easily handle chip and PIN cards, contactless cards and other mobile payments with Square.
  • Allow for one low rate Visa, Mastercard, and American Express together.
  • See your bank account withdrawals as early as the next working day.
  • Includes a free point-of-sale(POI) app (works on apps from Apple and Android including both smartphones and tablets).
  • File saving choice Can also be used to sell online, by phone and receive payments via invoices.


5. SumUp


Last, but not the least SumUp as it is SumUp is a committed, stand-alone, iZettle-like credit-card provider. Recently they have bought a pay level which sold a similar product.

The big selling point for SumUp is that it provides a simple flat transaction fee. This is perfect for businesses handling small volumes of card transactions. Nonetheless, it may not be the right choice for firms that handle a larger volume of payments.

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