The Interview Process: The Right Questions to Ask Your General Contractor

Five Questions You Should Ask You General Contractor

Locating the perfect general contractor to fit your needs can be a challenge. However, with this compilation of questions, you can easily find a legitimate general contractor. You will be able to properly screen through all you bidding contractors. Meanwhile, you will be covering your own ground both legally and financially. When you have these questions answered, you can finally start asking other questions to ensure that you both fully understand how the project will run. Use this list of five very crucial questions to ask at the initial interview of any general contractor to properly screen for the right one.

Do you have the proper licensing?

It is crucial that the contractor has the correct licensing. Your project may not require your general contractor to have a license. Regardless of this fact, this licensing provides accreditation. Also, it proves that your general contractor takes the trade seriously. Having the proper licensing is also indicative that the general contractor is engaging in their craft. It is within your rights to ask for a copy of the general contractor’s credentials.

Do you and your team have the proper insurances?

Every team member working on your project site must have at least Workers’ Compensation Insurance. Otherwise, if someone gets hurt, you will be legally liable. You have the right to ask how much insurance coverage each member possess along with proof of such. The general contractor should also have liability insurance in place as well. Your contractor must have the proper insurance coverages for the employees. When everyone has decent coverage, everyone has meaningful protection.

Are you planning on obtaining the proper permits for this project?

The general contractor you decide upon is responsible for handling the getting the correct permits to conduct the project. Without proper permits, your project will be illegal. You could get into serious legal trouble. As a general contractor, the person must obtain every permit for your project.

Are you going to arrange the administration of inspections correctly?

Ensure that the general contractor you chose will answer to the obligational duties of their profession by committing to careful inspections of the project. These inspections need to happen regularly depending on the size of the project. If you do not have an inspector investigate and approve your project, it is highly illegal to conduct it.

Who else in your crew is going to be working on my project?

Your general contractor is sequentially responsible for any work accomplishments regarding your project. The general contractor should provide you with the names of the employees that are going to be working on your project. Also, the general contractor should explain how he plans on effectively monitoring the wages of his employees and their performance.

Building Upwards

From this point, you should have a clear idea of which of the general contractors bidding on your project are serious. Ask the general contractor if the company and the employees have proper licensing and insurances. Inquire about permits and the proper inspections that you need for your project to run smoothly. Request that the general contractor explains how he intends to manage the project site efficiently. After everything is clear, you can begin asking more probing questions if you so choose. It is your property after all. Therefore, finding your perfect general contractor is dependent on how much time you spend in the screening process.

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