The Project Of Our Own Android Uber Like App



Even creating a less complex app is still a lot of programming. But thanks to the general distribution and importance of apps and smartphones, a few ways have developed to get results quickly – even without you having to learn tedious programming.

You surely have ideas to create your startup, and there are still a lot of ideas for marketplaces that have not yet been realized and that will be done at some point.

Moreover according to a research, the market for the collaborative economy could grow 335 billion in 2025. But for any product and service to be accessible on a marketplace, it will have to be much easier and affordable for traditional players and startups to create their own marketplace. Considering to create android app like Uber is much more worthy if you have a relevant business. 

How to make a quality application that generates income?

Here are three factors that will make an application stand out for which an agency will be of good advice.

Helping users

Indeed, the first factor which is undeniably the most important in a mobile application is that of offering a real service to users. 

Take the example of an application dedicated to transportation. For it to be successful in this sector, it must allow users not only to order a taxi, but also to be informed about the taxi assigned to them and to track it on a map so as to know to the minute when they will arrive at the destination. Why not also allow them to estimate the cost of the race they are about to take? In a word to be successful, a mobile application must have and offer a real experience.

Take advantage of native phone features

The main interest of developing a mobile application is to offer very specific and native functions to mobiles. This will increase the perceived value of the application, making it useful, even essential for its users.

For example, if one wishes to develop an application using geolocation, it should be able to allow the user to find which franchise / concession / subsidiary of a brand is closest to him, to know if the product that ‘he searches there is available and if not, be informed about the nearest place he can go to get the product he is looking for.

It is on these aspects that it is essential to bet, because no technology makes it possible to offer such utility in a way as simple and user-friendly as a mobile application.

Offer a friendly experience

The conviviality or the experience offered is a fundamental and essential lever for an application. We may offer the best services, but users should have no difficulty navigating the application and find the user experience pleasant.

Take the example of an application like Uber. In addition to the service provided to the user, it allows you to order a driver quickly (less than 3 clicks), in a fun way (gamification systems) and above all to be informed about my action and its result at each stage (if I perform this action, what happens)?


Practicality and offering an alternative to the conventional taxi booking process are the main reasons for the popularity of the taxi apps. They are shaking up an industry that has operated the same “procedure” in the same way for a long time. The majority of taxi companies worldwide have tariffs adapted to local government. Taxi booking apps, on the other hand, represent a free market for taxi fares and give customers the opportunity to personalize their trip.

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