Things to Consider Before Taking a Primary School Franchise

In India, a very popular business idea is to take up a primary school franchise. It is the perfect business option for people who have a special interest in nurturing young minds. Preschool franchise owners have succeeded in yielding high income from the investment done to set it. Mainly, in this type of business, you need to be very energetic to provide supervision and educational opportunities along with fun activities to small children. You should collect all the required information about this business and accordingly make a plan to make your preschool business successful. The success of your pre-school depends upon your management skills and ability to meet all the ethical criteria.

Let’s discuss some of the key factors which need to be considered before starting a pre-school in India─

Licenses & guidelines

It is important to obtain all the relevant registrations before your start your preschool. Though currently there is no central law related to the registration process of preschool, state governments in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and other states have enacted some laws like ‘Private School Education Acts’ which deals with the operations of a school.

Business plan

If you have any plans to start a preschool, it is widely recommended to prepare a set business plan for it.  Make policies and handbooks for the teaching staff and children. Moreover, you will have to plan your investments on things like infrastructure, furniture, play items, equipment, business research, rental advance, promotion activities, etc. Plan if you want to start a full-time or a part-time business. You must also decide the strength of classes you will be able to cater to.


For starting any business, the location plays a very crucial role, and even a pre-school business needs the same. You must be very careful while selecting the location of your pre-school franchise business. Look for a prime location which has good commutation options. The school must have adequate space to be child-friendly. Look for a location which is well-maintained with proper cleanliness and hygiene as you will be dealing with small kids.


Your business mostly depends upon on your staff. Hire qualified staff members only to ensure quality education and disciplined environment in your pre-school. You must have a sufficient number of staff members to manage all the students in an organized manner. Also, ensure that you are hiring teachers and other staff members only after doing a proper background check and verifying their knowledge.


For starting any business, arranging adequate funds is a stepping stone. You must have sufficient funds to purchase a good primary school franchise in India and set it. You can visit banks to apply for loans under special discounted schemes. You will need funds for infrastructure, interior setup, furniture, teaching tools or equipment, etc.

Parks or play areas

It is strongly suggested that you look for a location with a park or a playground, which will definitely attract a number of parents for enrolling their children in your school. You can attract more parents by introducing various outdoor activities for students which will help in physical development of kids.

Proximity to hospitals

It is possible for minor accidents to take place in play schools, so you should ensure that you have easy access to nursing homes, clinics or hospitals to make sure proper treatment is available during an emergency situation. This thing is always considered by parents, so you must consider this point while looking for a location for starting your preschool.

If you are considering all the above-mentioned points, you can start your preschool business successfully which, in turn, will bring good revenue for you.

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