Things To Know Before a Car Insurance Claim

When we have an updated car insurance policy in Ireland, we rest assured that there is a support on which we can rely if we or our car face bad times. To meet every type of unexpected challenges of the future, we must have comprehensive car insurance in Ireland.  Unless we are fully covered, a threat of loss always hammers our mind.

Thus, it is always recommended to buy car insurance in Ireland after carefully comparing various car insurance policies with renowned insurance providers not only in terms of pricing but also in terms of the coverage offered by each of them. When you are aware of the extent of coverage offered by your car insurance provider in your policy, it is easier for you to make an insurance claim if ever the need arises. Here, we have listed a few important notes that should be taken care of before applying for a car insurance claim:

  • Notifying your insurance company on the company’s helpline number or through your insurance buddy is the first step to be taken as soon as you meet a minor/major accident or find another problem with your car.
  • Besides notifying your insurance company, share with them the contact information and the insurance policy information of all the parties involved in the accident which is basic for filing a claim.
  • Do not forget to take a note of the location, date, time of the accident, photos of damaged vehicles and contact details of the on-spot Gardai personnel because you will have to provide this information to your insurance company while intimating them of the accident.
  • Furthermore, if you are not sure of the extent of your insurance coverage, then before filing a claim you can confirm the extent of coverage and your deductibles with your insurance buddy and accordingly prepare your file. You can also check the upper limit of the days within which you have to file the claim after the incident took place. This will help you to be prompt in filing your car insurance Ireland
  • Never try to hide any information from your insurance provider because if they detect some loopholes in the information provided by you then they may reject your claim. Insurance companies send their skillful executives for inspecting the authenticity of the insurance claim made. These executives can also give an idea of the initial estimate of the insurance claim.
  • Check if your insurance company needs an estimate of repairs from a vehicle service and repair center. If the car insurance company needs it, then submit it along with all other necessary documents to be submitted for completing your car insurance claim application. Your insurance buddy can guide you with the documentation needed for the purpose.
  • You can also ask for a courtesy car to be used by till your car gets repaired if your car insurance policy has such a provision.
  • Furthermore, before making an insurance claim you can check the excess amount on your policy. If your claim amount is less than the excess which usually ranges between €100 and €300, then you may not get the claim.
  • You can also judge how your current car insurance claim will affect your car insurance premium on the next renewal and your no-claim bonus. Your insurance buddy can guide you on this. After knowing the effect you can decide the extent of the claim you want to make or whether you want to skip making the claim.

After you have finally filed your car insurance claim, our insurance executive will investigate it and will sanction the judicious amount as per your car insurance Ireland policy when your claim is found to be genuine.

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