Time to Get Comfortable! Tips for AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance in The Meadows

AC Maintenance in The Meadows

If you’re living in Meadows or the area you know that summer temperature can become uncomfortable. In those hottest days, a reliable air conditioner is a key of comfort to you and your family.

An air conditioner is an important machine at your home in The Meadow, Emirate Hills, the lake, every community of Emirate living. As it’s not a seasonal requirement in Dubai, the hot temperature is all twelve months. During the peak of hot temperature that is unavoidable, there’s no other option than to depend on your cooling machine when it comes to your home comfort.

There’s air conditioner problem might come more often because of the humid air of Dubai!

Therefore, you need to contact a professional air conditioner maintenance company in Dubai to make your cooling system to work in continues operation.

Make sure your air conditioner runs properly when you live in The Meadows. You will get a chance to experience the hottest climate. In this uncomfortable temperature, if your cooling system stop working on the hottest afternoon, you don’t have to go for hanging out at air-conditioned malls every time to just keep cool. An air conditioner has to be in the best condition. The humid air of Dubai stuck in the air conditioner will make it stop working or sometimes an overload of will do that. It needs maintenance and repair.

The best way to keep your air conditioner unit work efficiently is regular maintenance and repair! Many servicing companies in Dubai provides AC services.

You should keep in mind that the air conditioner unit should be maintained after every three months. And after every six months, a detailed inspection of all parts should perform! Call maintenance company twice a year.

It’s not possible to detect when an air conditioner unit stops working, it’s best to maintain it. There’re some simple things you can do to maintain your AC unit to prevent damages that can call for repair and replace. Also, you should call a professional for a regular tune-up.

When you choose to do maintenance, ensure that you shut off the power before doing anything to your unit. Every time you want to do maintenance turn off the power first then start cleaning.

But if you don’t the problem and you’re not sure what to do, always call a professional to handle the maintenance. Remember that wrongly handling the unit leads to a new issue. It’s best to call an experienced person then make your unit worthless.

Following are the guidelines for AC maintenance:

Clean AC Filters: This action should perform regularly as it’s important to keep the filter clean because they can slow the performance and lower the airflow. When you’re in The Meadow, the humid air gets stuck in your air condition filters, do some maintenance to get rid of dirt particles in it. If you think it needs to be replaced, hire a professional to do so.

Check Thermostat: As the regular part of maintenance, keep an eye on the thermostat. It should work properly so that you and your family enjoy the coolness of comes from your AC unit. Moreover, the thermostat is a thing, that can save energy and the running cost of your home unit.

Check Condensing Unit: The condenser fan should be in good condition to check them on a regular basis to confirm. If the blades of the fan are cracked, they should be replaced. If you’re using an old unit put oil in the motor of fan regularly. Also take a look for a sign of overheating such as burning wires, melted insulation of the wire, etc. For such repair, call a professional to repair it.

Check Unit Wiring: An AC unit has an electrical connection, they’re the area that should be part of maintenance. Check your capacitor using an electrical test meter. If there needs repair, hire a professional.

Outer Part of AC Unit: Clean the outer part of your AC unit as they get dusty and reduces the airflow and system capacity, clean them daily. Shut off the power and removes all debris. While cleaning, handle the coil gently so you do not damage them or bend them.

Air conditioner maintenance and repair is very important for your AC unit to keep your unit work efficiently and for longer.

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