Tips For Effective Communication Through Logo Design

effective logo design

A successful and professionally designed logo is the one which cn communicate the message of the company to the audience. This implies that your logo design must be engaging and interesting for the business prospects. A logo must be able to visually appeal the audience and turn potential customers to regular clients. 

There are a countless number of businesses and logos which people see daily, be it through the packaging, on billboards or on the website. However, only some are able to attain a stable position in the market. One of the reasons for this is bad designing. Companies knowing the importance of a design in the market understands the importance of hiring professional logo design company.

Being a designer, you must understand the various element of a design to become a better designer. Described below are some tips which can help you to create a design which can effectively with the audience. 

  • Know the business

know the business

Before starting to work on a project, make sure that you have thoroughly read through the details of the business provided by the client. You need to understand the business of the client to understand what they need and what is going to help in communicating the right message to the potential prospects. 

Your intention must be to find the elements which care able to communicate with the customers. For example, colours, shapes and images are some of the basic elements which can speak volumes about your brand. Other than that, you must know the target audience to be able to design an image which addresses to them. For example, if your audience is from the age group of 5 to 8, you can experiment with colours and shapes to address to them. However, when it comes to adults, colourful logos and cartoonish images won’t make an amateurish impression for your company. 

  • Know what you need to communicate

Know what you need to communicate

You need to understand the business message in order to be successful a creating a design which is able to create a design which can communicate the message of the organization to the audience. In other words, every brand has a personality. The company’s logo must be able to communicate the personality of the brand. 

  • Use a vivid colour palette

vivid colour palette

If you understand what it means by colour psychology, then you already know the important role colours play in communicate a robust message to the potential customers. In order to design a perfect logo, you must wise to choose your colours to include it in design. 

Colours in design communicates and evokes emotions. It can communicate your message and idea of the business with clarity to the audience. For example, the colour green is associated with freshness and blue is cool. This is how colours communicates with the audience. 

  • Speak through typography

Speak through typography

Typography and fonts are one of the greatest assets to the world of graphic designing. These days many businesses are taking the advantage of unique typeface to create a symbol logo. A simple typeface can build a robust personality of the brand. Take example of some of the big names in the industry such as FedEx and Coca-Cola. Each brand uses a simple typeface yet they are able to communicate a hidden message to the audience. Find out the personality of your brand and then use the typeface accordingly. 

You can use a customized typeface such as that of Coca-Cola logo. Or you can use a simple sans-serif font you can be effective in making a mark on the audience. 

  • Using negative spaces

Using negative spaces

Negative spaces is utilizing the space in between the design to communicate a hidden meaning with the audience. As per the examples given above, they both convey a hidden meaning to the audience. For example, there is a hidden arrow between the E and X of the name of the brand. Similarly, the brand Coca-Cola has a hidden flag of Denmark in the design. 

Negative designs has always been a part of trends of the industry and can be effective in communicating with the audience. It is invisible to the eye at first, but can see it after a god look to it.  


A logo design is an effective way to communicate the brand’s values and objectives to the potential business prospects and targeted viewers. From thorough researching to thoughtful selection of color schemes and typographic styles, a logo is a collection of well-selected design elements which holds the power to influence the perceptions and to evoke the right emotion in the targeted customers and audience.

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