While trying out the continental food items like prawn pie or enjoying American cuisine like deep-dish pizza, appetite for Indian food never goes off. Filled with dozens of spices and oil, greasy Indian cuisine is something worth craving for. The food has an unmatched level of deliciousness in them that no other regional food. Slowly but surely Indian cuisine has made its way into all the major cities of the world. So, check out some amazing cuisines by the best Indian restaurants in Boston MA.

While the cuisine has been gaining popularity in the US, many people still haven’t tried this food. For such, here is a guide to enlighten you about all the must-have items in the Indian cuisin.

Top Indian cuisine to try from the best Indian restaurants in Boston MA

Choley Bhature

Much loved street food of India, Choley Bhature us going to increase the calorie count in your body. This food is enjoyed equally as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Bhature is a deep-fried round piece of Indian bread made out of white flour, while choley is a complimentary dish with chickpeas. Sometimes Bhature will also be served with green chutney and pickle. It is a must Indian cuisine in your list if you haven’t tried it yet. But if you have, you know it isn’t your taste buds are going to forget anytime soon.

Butter chicken

The amazing butter chicken to North Indians is exactly what pizza is to the Italians. Nothing beats the satisfactory feeling of having the spicy yet sweet butter chicken in the mouth. It is traditionally cooked tandoor, but now comes options with grilled and pan-fried with original preparations.

It is generally eaten with naan, a crisp flatbread made with White flour; it is something you should try when visiting an Indian restaurant.

Rogan Josh

Rogan josh is another mouth-watering dish to try in Indian cuisine. It can be traced back to be the part of Persian cuisine, has been widely popular in India because if it’s amazing taste. It shares a rich history with Persians who migrated to India in the 18th century and made their impact through various dishes they taught to the residents on the now Kashmir area. Rogan means oil and josh means intense heat. It got its name because it is cooked with intense heat with mixing various spices. It tastes the best with boiled rice. You can find it easily in some the best Indian restaurant in Boston MA 

Dhokla and khandva

Both the delicious dishes come from the Gujrat state of India. Khandva is a shack made with thin gram flour, and curd crepes, topped with seeds of mustard and sesame. Dhokla is made with a fusion of rice, spices, and chickpeas. These two are healthy to eat (rare in Indian cuisine) but still a treat for your taste buds.

Hyderabadi Biryani

A rice bowl full of chicken, lamp, dozen spices and full of flavour! However, vegetation version is also common now for vegans. It is popular among both north and south Indians but originated from the city Hyderabad. It is always a popular option for people trying out Indian cuisine.

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