Top Measures to Keep in Mind While Using the Internet

Today the internet has become a vital part of our life. Various tasks can’t be accomplished without an internet connection. Our many tasks are fully or somehow dependent on the internet. But the internet is also getting dangerous to your device and data. The cyber threat is one of the most dangerous threats that can harm an individual, company, and even a country. So, it’s always better to use the internet with a few security measures.

Use secure internet connection

Unsecure connections are like home to hackers. You can get various threats while accessing the unreliable internet. But still, people love unsecured internet access; yes, we are talking about public Wi-Fi. We all treat public Wi-Fi as cotton candy! We try to use it as much as possible. People update their devices, download movies and games with free internet. But they are unaware that they can become a potential target for the hackers. Hackers use keyloggers and other malware to steal your data. You should always use a secure internet connection. If you don’t have a secure connection then using a VPN can help you to keep your data safe. McAfee Activate Enter Code provides a VPN that encrypts all data packets and sends via a secure channel to prevent data intrusion.  

Use strong password

Your password is a potential tool to keep cybercriminals away from your accounts. But it’s necessary to keep a strong password for your every account so the hacker can crack your password by guessing. Do not use information like your name, phone number, address, DOB, etc for your password. These kinds of data can be easily hacked. Use a unique meaningless string of alphanumeric characters for your password. Do not use the same password for your multiple accounts. If anyone hacks your password then you might lose your various accounts. In case, you can’t remember multiple passwords then use a password manager. The password manager tool of secures your account details and passwords securely and allows you to access your all passwords with just a master key. 

Never click on suspicious ads and pop-ups

While surfing the internet; various ads and pop-ups appear on the screen. These ads appear on the screen according to your search history. These ads and pop-ups are usually for marketing purpose but some of them can be malicious. You should never click on any pop-up; it can carry malware. 

Don’t share your personal information on social media

Your social media account can also responsible for various threats. You can meet any kind of person on social media. You should never share your personal information such as personal phone number, home address, and other details. You are just talking through the internet window; you don’t know the person sitting on another side. Keep your profile private so no unknown person can check your details. 

Monitor your browser activities. If you see any suspicious activities like unknown downloads or applications then close all logged-in accounts and provide a powerful system scan. Log-in the accounts after ensuring that your device is fully safe.