Track Your Fitness Improvement Achieved by P90X Workout

Just following P90X Workout schedule for exercise & diet plans is not complete fitness solution. Once you started with P90X Workout Schedule, monitoring of your fitness, fat level, cardiac capacity, and weight changes is also equally essential to know how much improvements you had achieved & what is to be achieved. This Schedule for workout has also pretty taken care of it in form of “P90Xcel”. It is providing you beautifully drafted fitness excel sheet which is included in package to monitor your fitness. Following are covered in that

You can have four methods to calculate your fat changes of hip, abdomen, neck & other regions of body. You can rely on method of your choice.

P90X Fit test:
You need to enter basic information for different basic parameter enlisted in ‘setup’ sheet & fitness & cardiac conditions like as heart rate others.

Nutrition & diet calculators:
It has provided standard range of amount of protein, fat & carbohydrates required in diet. You need to simply enter your body weight & it will automatically count daily energy required & thereby diet contents.

Fitness graphs:
You need to input simple data regularly & you can view automatic graphs tracking your testo max & strength progress, ex. Chest & back charts, shoulders & arms chart & others

You need to input data regularly & can observe changes to track your fitness every week after following P90X Workout Schedule. It will not take more than 2-3 minutes per day. To know more about features of fitness sheet; you can visit on the internet and get all related information. It has helped various people who have been taking this plan.


By tamoor