Use Precast Compound Walls to Enhance the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Property

Fencing is the must where security plays a major factor. In residential and commercial areas it not only prevents intruders from moving into your property but also effectively restricts entry into your own space. Many city houses are independent units and therefore people have their compound walls for their houses. The compound wall is a basic design wall, which breaks at two points, on either side of the site, to form horizontal openings. It serves to protect the property and to ensure privacy and also to enhance aesthetic appeal.

The precast concrete compound-wall has been used in Europe for several decades.  The original compound wall design includes reinforced concrete and plain concrete.  These precast compound wall India are gaining popularity in many cities because it has a strong exterior, comes at an affordable price and requires absolutely no maintenance.

Reasons to Use Precast Compound Walls

  • Reusable – In case the wall faces some failure during the construction, then only a few columns will get affected. It means you don’t have to change the entire wall; you just need to replace the few panels only. If you want to do the minor repairs, the panels are to be a reusable one.
  • Energy Efficient – Precast compound walls are energy efficient due to its high thermal mass that enables materials to absorb and store temperatures as much as they can. With this, it also reduces the fluctuation of temperatures inside the building.
  • Fireproof – One of the major precast compound walls property is that it is fireproof. Precast compound walls do not catch fire, and it will prevent the spreading of fire from room to room. It is a fantastic material for a home or building made from for the precast compound wall.
  • Control Outdoor Soundness – Precast compound walls are very dense, which makes it a fantastic material choice for buildings where sound-proofing is the top priority. Many commercial buildings in large metropolitan cities use these walls to stay away from outdoor noises. Residential areas and study centres are also benefited from precast walls as it limits noise transfer from floor to floor.
  • Aesthetically – Those days are gone when the walls were made of boring gray structures. Nowadays a variety of shapes, aggregates, colours, and finishes, provides you with multiple options. Some materials such as brick, stone, and granite can be cast-in for reducing the time, staging and cost of on-site installation. With some creativity and some architectural features, you can achieve the look you desire.
  • Minimal Maintenance Required – Precast compound walls require occasional cleaning and sometimes maintaining the caulk joints. It means that it requires very less price for maintenance.
  • Precast roofs keep the average house temperature in summer or winter bearable.

The precast compound wall bricks are made from the concrete and steel materials and it is very durable as compared to the traditional bricks. It is also an environmental benefit, as it reducing construction time and reduces the energy consumption of construction equipment. The precast compound walls price is less for the repairing as well as for the installation process.

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