Ways to Wear Leather Jacket



There are a lot of outerwears available in the market, but leather jackets are the most demanded of them all. They have a great demand as they are sturdier and last a long time.

Leather Jackets are made from different leather, if it is made up of real leather, then cowhide, sheep hide, and other things are used whereas faux leather is produced artificially in the industries.

To wear leather jackets knowing how to style yourself is very necessary.

1. Sweats/Joggers and leather jackets:

It is not necessary to wear a leather jacket only when you’re fully dressed in something branded. You can wear a plain sweat pants and running shoes or joggers and add a leather jacket over the shirt and can rock the look. This style is not restricted for women alone, men can try this too.

2. Layering out:

If you think the temperature is going to drop majorly or is already freezing then you can add multiple layers. For example wearing a sweater or a high neck and then wearing a leather jacket in contrast with your inner layer will look absolutely stunning. Add a pair of jeans with socks and shoes. This style too is not restricted for women, men too can try styling themselves this way.

3. Adding A Muffler or Scarf:

Once you’re done pairing your attire with matching or contrast pants and shirt with leather jackets, you can further add a scarf if you’re a woman or you can add a muffler to the dress as a man. It will give you a classy as well as an edgy look.

4. Dresses and Leather:

In the recent age of fashion, you will see a lot of fashion bloggers, influencers and even fashion designers are making slip dresses. The slip dresses are clung to the body and to increase its sexiness a cooler looking jacket in contrast or matching color is added.

5. Texture and Prints:

Leather jackets are usually sold in a monochromatic color but to enhance and break the monochromous look you can add different patterned skirts, shirts or even pants in some cases.

6. The Simple Look:

If you are tired of continually dressing up like you’re about to attend Grammy’s then a simple look created with leather would work. Wear a tank top underneath and add a simple looking leather jacket and ta da you look gorgeous even without all the preparations.

7. Unpredictable weather:

This is especially for women. Females tend to get cold and hot and do it frequently so to avoid that risk, you can ditch the pants. Pairing your leather jacket with a simple long knee-length top and panties would definitely work.

8. The Edgy Look:

You might have heard that Mens Leather Jackets tends to give people an edgy and intimidating look. You too can create that look by simply wearing a black or darker color leather jacket and adding hand bands and studs in the air also adding a sexy bandana would help too, if you’re a girl then you can add a lot of silver or edgy styled jewelry like big hoop earrings and long-chained necklaces.

Leather jackets are the most versatile form of dressing. There are many types of leather jackets as we have mentioned above already. They can be paired with tank tops, long dresses, cocktail dresses, pants, simple T-shirts, office button up or button down shirts funky, chunky coloured scarf and muffler etc. There are a lot of influencers on Instagram, who will show you how to properly wear your leather jacket. They will also help you with buying different accessories that would go with your leather jacket.

Hope reading this would have helped you in some way to understand how you can style yourself with a leather jacket.

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