Where Can I Get DIY Hardcore Punk Rock Shirts For a Punk Music Fan?


I don’t want the same crap that everyone else gets. Can I buy Punk Rock music clothing online that is not only kick ass but original and customisable without spending a lot of cash?

Punk rock fans can be a very picky breed. Some of the more dedicated fans have a very strong opinion on what hardcore punk rock is. Most fans of the genre cannot come to an agreement as to what bands or eras best represent this description. All fans that love punk would agree that it is a very powerful type of music that can incite many emotions in the listener. Everything from anger to joy, boredom to hyperactivity can be expressed through the music and imagery of Punk Rock. Finding and expressing your own unique vibe is known as D.I.Y. ( Do it yourself )

I want to add my own art to punk gear but im not the best artist! what are my options?

A good place to start is a print on demand company like Zazzle.com that allows you to put your own text and pictures on a product of your choice. They have quite a few products to choose from including trucker hats, Hoodies and Punk Rock T-Shirts. You can even use the many kinds of cursive, dirty and old school punk style fonts that they have to write your own saying, band name or whatever you like. Its a true D.I.Y. experience without having to paint on shirts or hats yourself.

Is it cool to write or draw my own artwork or sayings on a shirt, Hat or Hoodie?

Absolutely, that is the true spirit of Punk Rock. Do it yourself and get a sharpie marker, some material to use as a patch and a few safety pins to fasten it on with or just add to the look. You can go with the old standard design elements or come up with something new, after all that is what Punk is truly about, going against the grain and coming up with your own twist. Be original!

What are some of the elements that are commonly used in punk Rock artwork or design?

Some icons that are repeatedly seen are skulls, anarchy symbols, rips & tears, combat boots, misaligned letters and words or phrases that seem to be sprayed on with a stencil as if spray paint was used. Another common technique is to have your phrase or word look like it is a ransom note cut out from a newspaper and taped to a another surface. Also, pictures of political figures can be disfigured or censored by adding a black bar over the mouth or eyes and scratching out areas of the photograph. These are considered old school punk rock music standards in art.

These techniques provide the viewer with a strong sense of opposition or disrespect for superiors and or government. It can also create a sense of hostility or aggression to the viewer as well.

Can I just show my appreciation for Punk music without being hostile or anti government?

Yes, You can always wear items like buttons or shirts and hoodies that support Punk rock in a simpler way. Your support can be for the music and does not have to represent a strong political view. The simplest way is to get designs that are about the music but still relate that your a fan.