Why my AOL mail disappeared and how to recover the AOL emails



AOL has been one of the highly regarded email services until the superior and user-friendly alternatives came into the scene. But still, many users have been using their old AOL accounts despite some common problems that they face from time to time. One of the most common issues is the “AOL mail disappeared” problem. The problem may arise from different causes such as filters, incorrect movement of mails, or even some fault in the browser. We are addressing all of them in this article and also, giving solutions for the same.

Why the AOL mail disappeared?

  1. Incorrect movement of mail: This point indicates that the mails that you have intended to get in a particular mailbox are ending up somewhere else. The unwanted folder usually includes trash, spam, and saved emails folder. It may happen knowingly or unknowingly. Whatever is the reason, before diving into the other possible causes, you should always check your other folders for the intended mails. It is particularly important when there have been such instances from the same email source.
  2. Filters: Just like many other email services, the AOL email also allows the users to set up filters as per their preferences. It is mainly done to avoid the annoying email sources such as the promotional email senders. But if the filter is not carefully set up, it may take some of the important emails into account and send them directly to the spam folder. So, you should check your spam or delete the folder for the missing emails. If you find them there, then it is time to re-evaluate your filters.
  3. AOL mail server down: If you are not getting new emails or some of the older emails have disappeared, then a faulty connection to the AOL mail server can be a potential reason. Also, if the server is down, then even the problem will occur. There is nothing much that you can do about it other than ensuring that the connection to the servers is secured. You will be able to access the mails once the link is up and running.
  4. Browser: Sometimes, it is not the fault of the AOL services that some of your emails have disappeared. There are instances when a faulty browser prevents the mails from appearing. One of the main reasons is the piled up cookies and caches on the browser. They have been known to interfere in many activities of the browsers.
    Also, if the Javascript and popup settings are disabled on the browser, then it may lead to the problem. A few changes here and there, and you will be able to get back your mail services to normal.

There is a possibility that someone else might have deleted your emails. That is unlikely, but still can’t be denied. If it happens, then you will have to contact AOL mail services to restore the emails.

How to solve the AOL mail disappearing issue
In this section, we will go through the steps that will enable you to dismiss the possibility of missing emails from the AOL accounts. Also, we will be telling you how to recover deleted AOL mails.

  • Check your trash: You should check the search for the missing emails in your trash folder. You may have moved them unknowingly, or some other settings may have sent it there. In either case, follow these steps to check it-
  • Go to the AOL mail login page. Type the credentials, i.e., your username and the associated password in the designated space, and hit the enter button.
  • Once you have accessed your profile, look at the left sidebar of the page. Locate the “Trash” folder and click on it. It will bring up all the emails that are present in the folder.
  • Go over the emails and see if you find the intended emails. If you find them, then check the small boxes that are present on their left side. Do it for all the emails that you want to restore.
  • After selecting the emails, click on the “action” tab with the gear sign on it. It will bring up a small menu.
  • In the new menu, you will find the target folders to move the emails. Choose the one that you want. It will restore the emails to the intended folder.

If you have not found the missing emails in the “Trash” folder, then you should check it in the “Saved Mail” folder.

  • On the left sidebar of the AOL interface, click on the “Saved Mail” option. It will bring up all the mails that are present in the folder.
  • Check for the emails that you have been searching for. If you find them, then check the small boxes to their left side and select all the emails that you want to restore.
  • Once the emails are selected, click on the “action” tab to bring down the menu.
  • From the menu, choose your intended folder from the “Move to” section. Now you have got your emails where you want!

  • Check your spam folder: If you have found your emails in the “Trash” or the “Saved Mail” folder, it is a random thing. But if you find your emails in the “Spam” folder, then it is a recurring problem. This mainly stems from the filter settings of your email account. If you do not remove the filters, the emails from the source will always end up in your “Spam” folder. So, we will discuss how you can restore the emails from this folder and also delete the filters that have been sending the emails to the trash in the first place.

To restore the emails-

  • Log into your AOL account first. On the left sidebar of your screen, you will find the “Spam” folder option. Click on it to bring up all the emails that it contains.
  • From the list of emails, choose the emails that have been missing. You can select them by checking the small boxes to the left of each email.
  • Once all the emails are selected, click on the “Ok Not Spam” button above the emails. It will restore the emails to your inbox as per the date of their arrival to your AOL account.

Follow these steps to remove the filters-

  • Open the login page of AOL mail services. Enter the credentials to access the mails.
  • Now, click on the options button. Follow it by selecting the Mail settings on your screen.
  • Under the settings, locate the “Filters” option. Click on it to look at all the filters that have been applied to your AOL email account.
  • You can choose the remove button to delete the filters from your account. It will prevent essential emails from going to the spam folder.
  • Clear caches and cookies: If you can’t find the emails in either of the “Spam,” “Trash,” or “Saved Mail” folder and the connection to the mail server is also working out correctly, then try to clear your caches in the browser. Follow these steps to do so (we have taken Google Chrome for this example)-
  • Open the browser and click on the three vertical dots on the right corner at the top of the window.
  • Select “More tools” and follow it with “clear browsing data.”
  • On the popup window, set the time range to “all-time” and check all the three boxes.
  • Hit the “clear data” button.
  • Restart the browser, open AOL, and check for the emails now.

Also, make sure that you use an updated browser for the purpose and keep the connection to the AOL server in online condition. An outdated browser may also prevent emails from appearing in your account.

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