Why register your business on the company directory?

company directory

Listing your business in the company directory, a significant participant is essential for Local SEO.

I touched Laurent a word recently; here is his opinion on the subject:

The company directory has been a reference for decades in the USA and in many other countries. It is especially the paper version that is known. For my part, I regularly have customers who come to me wanting to “go further” than what the company directory offers in terms of web visibility.

company directory

Today, if there is one thing that all marketers agree to say, it is that it is essential to have a presence on the Internet to win new customers.


With nearly 4 billion Internet users at the end of 2016, the Internet has become the No. 1 benchmark in our daily lives. The slightest question is answered on search engines.

Unfortunately, having a website can generate a budget that you don’t have.


This is why I am going to tell you about a simple and free method to establish its online presence:

The USA Company Directory, everyone knows.


Do you know that they now have a website? And they offer you to create your company file for free?

How to create your file on the USA company directory?

Register on USA company directory

To create your file, nothing could be simpler. Just go to your Social Customer Area and click on the “Register, it’s free!”Button”


How and why register your business on the USA company directory?


The next page will ask you for more information to create your account. Remember the email and password you enter because they are used later to log in to modify or view the statistics in your file. Once the information has been provided, click on “continue” to go to the next step.

company directory

Now is the time to inform your establishment. For this, the USA company directory has a fairly practical system which consists of entering either:

The telephone number of your establishment,

The 8-digit customer number found on USA company directory letters if you appear in the paper edition,

Or the company name of your activity and the city of installation.

From one of these pieces of information, the USA company directory finds your establishment and will link it to your account so that you can modify its file easily.

Enhance your listing

Now that your account has been created and your establishment has been found, I will tell you how to update the information and enrich your file.

Once connected, the page that appears is that of your dashboard which contains some statistics which we will deal with later. To be able to enrich your file, you click on the “My update” tab, which displays the following page:

Here you will see several tabs with different content to add:


  • “Contact you “,
  • “More information about your establishment”,
  • “Your information for professionals”,
  • “Your eco-responsible commitment”,
  • “Be reached by the USA company directory”.

It is important to fill in your card with clear, high-quality information so that the user can easily find what they have come to look for on your card.

Once this information has been entered, the “I see my summary” button displays all the information on your file. After having validated them, they will be verified by the USA company directory before being published to guarantee the veracity of the information.

Insertion of visuals

The “Update” tab also allows you to add visual content to your business listing, such as:

Photos of your place of sale or the facade of your establishment,

But also your logo.

Remember to add a caption to each of your photos. This is the sentence that describes the image if the user has disabled the display of images or for the blind mode of web browsers. It is also very important information to optimize its natural referencing.


Don’t forget the notices

You can also authorize users to rate and give their opinion on your establishment and to be notified by email when posting a notice. It is well seen by Internet users to give them the opportunity to rate your establishment. Indeed, this demonstrates transparency.

Please note: not all areas are suitable for this, for example, the majority of B to B activities.

Once your file is perfectly filled out and cleared, it’s not enough to let the search engines work. It is also your responsibility to regularly update your file so as not to leave false or outdated information that can mislead the Internet user, such as a change in schedule or telephone number.