Why Use Facebook to Promote Your Local Business

Use Facebook to Promote Your Local Business

One of the questions I have to answer most often is: why use Facebook to promote a local business?

In this post I want to explain to you why Facebook is a fundamental tool to promote your local business and be able to intercept new customers.

Using Facebook is very important to intercept potential customers and encourage them to visit your store, your restaurant, your bar, etc.

But let’s see the reasons to integrate Facebook into your strategies.

Why have a digital strategy at the local level

People spend at least 7 hours a day connected to the Internet. This should be enough to explain why it is really important to have a digital strategy for your local business. But that is not all.

Marketing today has reached a new level of complexity due to the integration of digital media within business strategies. In this way it is able to provide even more valid support to companies.

The digital consumer leaves behind many crumbs that a good marketers know how to follow and analyze in order to intercept the needs and expectations of that particular user and of the whole range of public that represents the target of your company.

By defining the typical profile of your ideal consumer (the so-called buyer personas) Digital Marketing is able to provide you with the tools to intercept these potential customers. In this way it can implement effective conversion paths (called Funnels).

The main objective is obviously to optimize business performance and increase your customers, with a view to recursive purchases.

Yes, because the real purpose of marketing, the real challenge, is not just to get you knew customers. It is a matter of making sure that they are encouraged to repeat their purchases at your business.

Thanks to Facebook ads, you will be able to convey your advertisements to your target. In addition, you will be able to get to know an extremely vast audience of potential customers interested in your products.

Why use Facebook to intercept new customers

The 57% of Italians are using social media and are more than 30 million who have a Facebook account. This means that most of your potential and current customers are on Facebook and spend many hours a day there, connecting mostly from their smartphone.

This, from the point of view of those involved in local marketing, is a kind of Eldorado!

Few platforms are able to provide you with such a vast audience and almost no one else is able to offer you so many options to segment your target.

In fact, Facebook gives you the possibility to delimit your target at a local level in an extremely detailed way: by area, city, country and even postal codes. This means that if your business is based, for example, in Palermo, you can decide to get your advertising messages only to users who live there or who are in certain areas of the city.

Moreover, thanks to Facebook you will be able to outline the interests and behaviors of your target so as to intercept only those who are more similar to your ideal consumers. This is thanks to the fact that Facebook monitors anonymously all our online behaviors (inside and outside the platform), so it knows a lot about us, what we like and what we don’t like and the most important thing is that we are It was we ourselves who gave him this information.

The power of Facebook for your local business

From a business perspective this is very interesting. In fact, you can use this information to intercept only the people who are really interested in your offers and who could potentially become your customers or, again, only to those who have previously visited your business. That way, you could try to get them back.

Another crucial aspect, especially in some specific sectors, is the possibility of targeting your listings by age and / or gender. This piece allows you to specify even more the users to whom you can send your offers or to make your products known. At the level of local strategies, this aspect is salient, because it avoids dispersing resources and allows you to concentrate your budget only where it is more likely to get a conversion and, therefore, a sale.


Starting a local business can be a great revenue opportunity, but everything goes through choosing the right operational strategies that can keep your company from zero to success.

The challenge for every owner of a local company (be it a shop, a restaurant, a gym, an aesthetic center, a bar and so on) is, on the one hand, to always find new customers willing to buy his goods and services, on the other hand, that of being so convincing as to push these customers back.

The pursuit of happiness for every entrepreneur is represented by recursive (repeated) purchases and customer loyalty. Both of these things go through very specific marketing strategies.

You can’t improvise and you can’t even think of getting everything with a snap of your fingers. It takes hard work and real consumer care.

A respectable marketing strategy will take into account not only the strategic aspects proper, but will also focus on other aspects: visual merchandising, the assortment of product ranges, the approach to the customer by sales people, etc.

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