Best Winter Clothes by Body Type For Women

winter clothes body type

To use a very worn-out phrase from Game of Thrones, winter is coming! Pumpkin spice lattes and Uggs aside, winter can be a frantic time for the fashion-savvy woman. You have to bundle up, stay warm, and still manage to gracefully show off your body. How do you get all three right? After all, I can order some Pakistani dresses online USA like that gorgeous printed Kurtis and throw on a winter coat. But does that do justice to how I look?

The Best Winter Outfits by Body Type

For ladies who are constantly caught between the struggle to look good and stay warm, this blog is the answer. Women have different body types. All of them are beautiful in their own way, but each requires a little something extra to make it look even better. You don’t want to be a shapeless lump in 3 sweaters this winter, but you don’t want to catch a cold either. This blog explores the best winter outfits for the following body types:

  1. Tall Women
  2. Petite Women
  3. Hourglass Figure
  4. Large Chest
  5. Broad Shoulders
  6. Apple-shaped Figure

Read on to find out which outfit suits your body type the best this winter.

Tall Women

A tall frame on a woman is gorgeous. It also means a taller woman can carry off more fabric and length than other women. The best winter outfit this winter would be a cocoon winter coat. These coats typically end just above the knee or exactly on it. This makes them ideal for frames taller than 5’9”. You need to avoid ruining your leg-torso proportion by choosing a cropped jacket. A dark-toned cocoon coat is perfect for a regal yet functional look.

Petite Women

At the other end of the spectrum from tall women are short, petite girls. A smaller frame means you need to learn not to overwhelm it. Otherwise, you’ll look like a tiny person drowning in overlarge clothes. Shorter length fabrics are key on a petite frame this winter. Whether you prefer down or faux fur, a cropped jacket that outlines your silhouette may be perfect for you. Cropped lines accentuate your frame and keep you looking in proportion.

Hourglass Figure

A woman with an hourglass figure is beautifully curvy most of the time. That means you have more body contours to show off this winter. Your winter apparel should conform to your waist, accentuating your upper and lower body curves. An A-line shape will go a long way to make your hips appear slimmer while an open neck will keep attention upstairs.

Large Chest

A V-neck coat is a perfect companion for a large-chested beauty this winter. A V-neck coat is less likely than others to gap or pull in the chest. What’s more, the deeper the V, the slimmer you look along the chest. To create more length for your frame, try for a narrower coat. Ideally, one that hugs your waist and hits just below your hips.

Broad Shoulders

Whoever said only men should have broad shoulders has clearly never seen a broad-shouldered woman flaunting her body. In winter, however, a bulky coat can make you appear larger than you actually are. A collarless coat has feminine lines that can offset the broadness in your shoulder, while still making you look chic. If you can, go for a longer length coat to make your arms and torso look longer.

Apple-Shaped Figure

There’s nothing wrong with having an apple-shaped figure, but many women feel the need to draw attention away from their midsection. A draped winter coat can help you do just that while drawing the eye higher to the chest. A draped coat can help you conceal anything you want without making you look bulky. These coats usually hit the middle of the thigh and can make you look much slimmer with vertical lines when unbuttoned. That’s the same trick they use with traditional eastern women dresses. Concealment without bulk, with lots of vertical lines. Let us know if you have any special coat tricks up your sleeve this winter.

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