Yoga: A Way to Change Your Life

Yoga A Way to Change Your Life

Over a period now, yoga has become extremely popular and gained a lot of liking among several individuals. Research has shown that not only does it lead to a good physical health but also helps with the mental stability. Worldwide celebrities and influential people are practicing it and also promoting it for the benefits it has in your life. Yoga centers have been opened all across the globe to help people, if you are in India, one such place that you should try is  isha yoga center in bangalore, with experience faculty and the perfect setting, it is a must visit.

Some benefits of Yoga that have been proved by research are:

Helps in Reducing Stress: Yoga has been known for reducing the stress levels and promoting relaxation. Cortisol, which is one of the main hormones responsible for stress, is decreased by practicing yoga.

Research also proved that women who practiced yoga for a period of 3 to 4 months had less stress levels because of decrease in cortisol. Other studies also proved that there were reduced levels of anxiety, fatigue, and even depression.

Relieves Anxiety: Several people start practicing yoga in order to calm the anxiety levels. To support this statement a lot of research has already been done. It was clearly seen that practicing yoga reduced anxiety in people, but how still remains a mystery. However, what it does is promote peace from within and believing that we live in the moment. This automatically reduces anxiety.

Reduction in inflammation: Inflammation is a normal response of the body in order to fight a disease but chronic inflammation does lead to life threatening effects. It has been seen that people who did yoga on regular basis had lower inflammatory levels in comparison to others who did not.

Improvisation of the heart Health: Your heart has a very prominent role to play in the functioning of the body. From supplying blood throughout to supplying nutrients and tissues, the heart works for the overall health. It has been seen that by making yoga a part of your daily routine, one could reduce the chances of suffering any heart disease.

Better Quality of Life: Yoga is considered more like a therapy. People believe its essential for improving the way of life. Individuals who were practicing yoga showed signs of good mood, no or less fatigue when compared to others. Another point worth mentioning here is that research has also shown that females who were undergoing a chemotherapthy also found that the effects of this therapy were reduced by yoga. Great examples of this have also been seen at the isha yoga center bangalore, which is a non-profit organisation that has been funded by the very well known and well read Sadhguru.

Fighting Depression: Stress has been directly associated with depression. As mentioned above yoga reduces the stress hormone cortisol which in turn has a strong influence on serotonin which is greatly associated with depression.

Even though the benefits are endless, some worth mentioning here are reduction in chronic pains, better sleep, improved stability and flexibility and even improved breathing.

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