What You Need to Know about Men’s Hair Pieces?

Using a hairpiece or a toupee is the best non-surgical way to solve a balding or hair fall problem. There are some men who manage to look good with no hair on their heads, but for others, using a hairpiece is a no-brainer. Nowadays, there is a great variety of options available for someone looking for hairpieces. In fact, there is no shortage of hairpieces for men which means that they can choose to sport many different looks. Modern hairpieces are well-made are easy to put on. They are also virtually undetectable so you can use them without worry.

There are two kinds of hairpieces that are available in the market. You can buy a stock hairpiece, or you can get yourself a customised hairpiece. A stock hairpiece is not made to order. They are cheaper than custom hairpiece; however, they might not suit your particular hairstyle since they are not tailored to your requirements. Custom hairpieces are made for you and suit your specifications. They are better than stock-made hairpieces because they are even more undetectable since they match perfectly with the rest of your hair.

Take a look at the different types of custom-made toupees made by men’s hairpieces manufacturers.

Injected Lace 

One of the most common types of toupees are those that use the injected lace ventilation method. These hairpieces have three different layers of lace. The hair is injected on the top layer of the toupee, whereas the middle layer has the knotting. Hence, the knotting done in the middle layer is hidden by the bottom layer and the top layer. This makes the hairpiece look more natural and invisible to the casual observer.

In fact, the injected lace method is so effective that even individuals who come in contact with the wearer on a daily basis cannot distinguish the hairpiece from the natural hair of the wearer. Men’s hairpieces manufacturers usually use the injected lace method in the parting area of the area for the best effect.

Using Tapes

Tapes are a less messy and easier option to attach your hairpiece. They are also a quicker way once you get the hang of it. Men’s hairpieces manufacturers prefer to use tapes since they find it easier to teach clients how to use them.

Most hairpieces are attached through an oval perimeter of tapes around the edge of the bald spot. However, in custom orders, the tapes may be applied in a jagged manner which can make it easier to apply. The shape in which to apply the tapes will depend on your hairpiece. Some manufacturers may add extra poly to make it easier for you to apply the tapes.

Under Hair 

Most people looking for a hairpiece want one that will last them a long time. To ensure the longevity of a hairpiece, hair specialists use a thick poly on the front part of the head. However, using a thick poly cover on the front makes the hairpiece stand out from the other parts of your hair, making your hairpiece more visible.

To avoid this problem, you should ask your hair specialist to use the “under hair” method. In this method, the hair is knotted to the bottom part of the base of the poly. When the wearer of the hairpiece brushes their back, this line becomes completely invisible since the edge of the poly is now covered. Many men’s hairpieces wholesale are available that use this method.

Thin Skin Front 

The thin skin front is the best method to use when it comes to ensuring the invisibility of your hairline. This method ensures that your hairline looks completely natural. The thin skin front is usually combined with a no-knots V-lopped ventilation method that allows for proper breathability.

If you’re looking for a hairpiece that combines durability and invisibility, then talk to your hair specialist about this option.

Dye After 

The Dye After is a method used for dying the knots at the base of your lace. The dye that is used makes the knots a shade lighter which matches the colour of your scalp. Since the knots have been dyed to be similar to your scalp, the hairpiece becomes more invisible. This method is also used in men’s hairpieces wholesale but can drive the prices up.

Final Thoughts 

When considering which type of hairpiece to purchase, talk to your hair specialist and tell them about your requirements. The main factors to consider when purchasing a men’s hairpieces wholesale are durability, comfort, and invisibility.